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Movie Remakes You'd Like To See

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There are some great old movies, some so good I wouldn't want a remake of but others that were really good I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do with today. Here are a few I wouldn't mind seeing.


Forbidden Planet

The Conversation

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind


The Warriors

Southern Comfort

2001: A Space Odyssey

Midnight Cowboy

The Car


I haven't put any thought into what actors/actresses I'd like in these, but if you want to add that to yors or the ones I've picked, feel free.


So, what remakes would you like to see?

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Although it has already been remade once' date=' I would like to see On the Beach remade again with a much bigger budget than the previous remake. Good call on Duel!!!! That one is a classic.[/quote']


We read On the Beach and watched the movie my senior year of high school. Fell in love with it.

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