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  1. WOW, And did I hear correctly that HHS was the underdog going into this game? LMFAO!
  2. Go Birds! Wish I could watch live. Anyone know of a live feed out there?
  3. As of 2010, Union's population is 5,345 people. The population of Louisville, Kentucky on November 27th 2010 is approximately 736,367. Wasn't meant to be a jab at Trinity. Just reminding the players of the odds they came so close to beating.
  4. Arrogance is ugly. Even in victory, you make excuses. Trinity played plenty good, if not great tonight. You're spoiled and need to step back and appreciate what you have.
  5. Congrats to the Birds. I was hoping for 4 NKY teams in BG this year but I guess we will settle for 2 Champs up here. As for anyone who counted HHS out after losing to Ryle, well you know!
  6. I want to congratulate every player on the field tonight. Trinity for winning the game with class and Ryle for never giving up hope. Not many teams keep their composure after getting burnt for a quick TD like that. It's hard to compete with schools that get their pick of Blue-chippers year in and year out. Union is very proud to call the Raiders our own! Good luck to all of the seniors as you move on in sports and life. It has been a pleasure to watch you over the past few years! Your parents should be proud of the way you represent them and Raider Nation. As for the underclassmen, Follow their lead and strive to be great next year. Good luck to Trinity next week. You have a great team.
  7. We were at the game while you were sitting on the couch. Just sayin!
  8. Good luck to the Tigers tonight! Let's take four NKY teams to Bowling Green and take over that town!
  9. I would respect you even less if you kept that avatar. Stay faithful to your program and coach. I remember in HS in the late 1980s seeing SK on the schedule and planning events after halftime because we knew it was going to be a blowout. SK has come a long way since then.
  10. We saw what he did playing a good defense. I wouldn't trade Elliott for Jude no matter what records he broke.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the kids out there soaking up this weather! There are a whole lot of kids that would love to switch places with you right now!
  12. So you have been running your mouth all season how SK would beat Trinity. Ryle beat SK by 21 points and now you are jumping on the Trinity bandwagon. You are a cancer not only for your team but all of NKY. I am actually glad you are picking Trinity against the Raiders. You have been wrong a whole lot this season picking against us. Good luck this Basketball season!
  13. Great game Birds! Your friends in Union are rooting for you!
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