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  1. 5 - LSU 3 - Clemson 3 - Syracuse 1 - USC 1 - Nebraska 1 - Tennessee 1 - Ole Miss 1 - Miami 1 - Vanderbilt 1 - Florida International TB: 52
  2. 7 - LA Rams 5 - San Francisco 3 - Minnesota 2 - Oakland 1 - Detroit TB: LA Rams
  3. Well I have settled in nicely at my usual position in these contests. Near the bottom.
  4. 5 - Manual 3 - Trinity 3 - Johnson Central 1 - Bowling Green 1 - DeSales 1 - Lloyd Memorial 1 - Knoxville Catholic (TN) 1 - Raceland 1 - Evansville Central (IN) 1 - Hazard TB: 60
  5. 5 - Auburn 3 - West Virginia 3 - USC 1 - Virginia Tech 1 - Stanford 1 - Florida State 1 - South Carolina 1 - Ole Miss 1 - Virginia 1 - Coastal Carolina TB: 66
  6. 5 - Carmel High School (IN) 3 - Kentucky County Day 3 - Ashland 1 - Caldwell County 1 - Danville 1 - Christian Academy Louisville 1 - Lexington Catholic 1 - Central 1 - South Warren 1 - McCracken County TB: 62
  7. So sorry for your loss. Sending mine and my families prayers.
  8. For what it's worth. I just finished watching the GOT: Last Watch Documentary. I really enjoyed it. Just a very good glimpse of people behinds the scene.
  9. I am 100% happy with they way they closed the series out. I thought this last show was moving, closed up loose ends and put things in place. Overall - well done.
  10. I feel exhausted and beaten up after watching that. I didn't think they could top episode 3, but they did. I with Cersei would have died a horrible death, but am ok that she's gone. Fitting end to The Hound and The Mountain. I thought the way the camera followed Arya around through the Red Keep was spectacular.
  11. Same here. I have enjoyed this season probably as much as any other season. I can only imagine what the last two episodes have in store.
  12. Definitely thought last nights episode was second only to last week's episode. I am onboard with the Sansa fans. Great character progression throughout the entire series and might be left standing at the end. I though the whole party in the beginning had some of the funniest lines in the whole series. Great to see Jamie and Breinne finally get together, but the way they parted left me a little confused. Was he running to Cersei our of love, or to kill her and protect Brienne (Not wanting her to be hurt in the upcoming battle)? I love Bronn's Character. Always have. I think he plays a huge roll in the end of it all.
  13. This episode absolutely delivered. The cinema photography was amazing.
  14. I might be in the minority here - but I thought the Season Finale was hot garbage. Probably one of the worst episodes they have ever done.
  15. I thought it was probably the best of the second half. I hope it closes with some kind of action and not another time jump.
  16. Congrats to Ryle on the win! Many thanks to the Cards Seniors! It's been a pleasure watching you play!
  17. Great book! Covers a lot of historical data on the Labor uprisings and the Baron's of Industry.
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