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  1. Some of you must think Jacob Ison is Timmy Knipp. The players that came out with 1 minute left in the 4th were Jacob Ison and Cody Nickel. The only varsity only players to see action in the 4th quarter were Jared Flannery and Jon Morgan.
  2. With all due respect, Knipp was not in at the end of the game. It was all back up for the entire 4th quarter. Knipp's replacement was waiting at the scores table before the end of the 3rd, but didn't get in until the start of the 4th. At the very end of the game it was all JV, even Cody Nickel and Jacob Ison from the JV were taken out with 1 minute to go in the game. So it was part of the JV starters and part of the bench for the JV when the final horn sounded.
  3. Neither the pot nor the kettle. I never want to see any kid physically hurt, on or off the basketball court. Please let me know what you mean by the "classy" stomp. I'd love to respond when you say what you mean by this.
  4. The game plan for West was not a good one. It seemed to be, "we can't beat them, so let's beat on them". That's not basketball, that's something that does not belong on a high school court. There is no room for a game plan to appear, "let's hurt someone since we can't win". I'd hope that was not the coaches' plan, even though it appeared that it was by a few comments that I heard from the West coaching staff. I'm an Elliott Fan and I bleed maroon, but I never want to see any kid hurt, whether from Elliott or from another team. So to hear the JV coach say to hit someone in the face with the ball to get them off of you and the comments from West's fans, that's just sad. Those are kids out on the court, let's always hope they are safe and not EVER cheer for or support one of them getting hurt. I love it, but honestly it's just a game.
  5. I wonder if Ethan Faulkner would turn it over this much? Which goes back to the question, Who is the best point guard in the state? Ethan Faulkner, no doubt. This point was brought up all summer, who was the best point guard in the state. There should be no doubt that Ethan Faulkner is the best point guard that this state has seen in a while. :thumb:
  6. East Carter lost by 16 to Tates Creek and East Carter Plays Elliott on the 23rd of December. After this game I'll tell you where I feel Scott County belongs in the state rankings. If they are a sum of their parts, then they are great, but if not, then the pre-season rankings won't mean much. Elliott's bench is much better than last season, so let's see how that goes. :thumb:
  7. Elliott didn't cancel this game, it was Greenup's coach that canceled. And from what I've heard he's not too excited to reschedule. Take that for what it's worth, but that is very true.
  8. Is there a copy key for this quote? I know all year we will have to hear about Elliott's coaches trying to win big and not really coaching. This quote from someone that is not from Elliott says a lot. It's called basketball and Elliott County has found a way to play it well. Deal with it is all I will say.
  9. My take on this post is one of two things. One, they wanted to get a reaction from Elliott followers. Two, they have no idea what this thing mentioned as basketball actually is.
  10. If Menifee plays Elliott, it will not be a fun game for Menifee fans. Unless you want to see the Elliott guns run wild.
  11. The schedule on riherds is not complete. However it does include the Beach Ball Classic, no extra work for them there. That is only the best Christmas Tourney in the country, maybe Elliott should search for a better tourney this Christmas, LOL. They will play the best here, no doubt.:thumb:
  12. I have that feeling as well. I also have the feeling that the starters have improved and will be much improved from last year. Should be another fun bunch to watch play.
  13. Honestly, Faulkner is one of the best rebounding PGs in the state, so I don't think that shooting is the only place that he is better than Jackson(I'd take his passing as well). When it matters Faulkner has stepped up. He's the back to back region tournament MVP. Close to averaging a triple double both years in the region tournament. :thumb: Jackson only made it once and didn't win. I have no doubt that Jackson is a very talented player, but if we are talking about the best point guard and what has been proved, there is no contest.
  14. Honestly, my friend you typed a lot of words, but none of them said exactly why Jackson should be considered the better point guard at the high school level. Honestly to anyone that has watched both of them play, he is no where close to the point guard that Ethan is, and the demenor of both men doesn't really matter(they are very respectful young men by the way). Jackson is a very good basketball player and athelete, but his point guard skills are no where near those of Ethan Faulkner.
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