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  1. Great Job Pat! You are a class act. I have played you many times and win, lose or draw, you always have a positive outlook and a well-coached team. Most importantly, you treat your players, parents and fans with respect while maintaining a disciplined program. Ryle is blessed to have you.
  2. Sorry my man. The best defensive catcher is in the 11th region alright. However, he's at Franklin County. Just ask around. I clocked him between a 1.80 and 1.90 on several throws. He's signed w/ Kentucky but has several scouts after him. He's the best I have ever seen defensively.
  3. It's the halfway point of the season. What players should be considered for Mr. Baseball at this point? Please understand that this means they are the #1 player in the state. Most likely, he's not on your favorite team. List name, school & position.
  4. I agree that athletic trainers are a necessity, especially with football and concussions. However, this new legislation being brought forward by Julian Carroll is absolutely ludicrous. Supposedly, it states that all coaches must be trained to not only identify but treat concussions. Under no circumstances would I want a coach treating my child for a concussion. All of America saw how a collegiate coach at a D1 school treated a concussion a few years ago at Texas Tech. A player that is identified as having a concussion should be cleared by a medical professional; not a high school coach. I can't imagine that any coach wants to make that decision. This is a lawyer's dream...
  5. I can't figure out why Quick is considered the front-runner when Timmons and Quick tied for votes in Louisville Courier Journal and Quick is from Louisville. Timmons could go start for almost any D1 team in the country at the Collegiate Level right now. If he was at Trinity, he would be considered for national player of the year. That's how good this kid is. An opposing coach made a quote that he saw Timmons on film and said it looked like a NASCAR being chased by tractors. Now that's funny:lol:
  6. That's embarrassing for Courier-Journal. Logan Woodside played QB 90% of the time and is only a Junior. Would someone please put together a list of players based on research. What's wrong with verifying that the information is correct with the high school coaches before submitting it to print.
  7. Zach Arnold, Franklin County, signed with UK.
  8. I heard KHSAA is investigating Trinity for Tuition non compliance. Evidently, several kids r getting more reduced tuition than allowed. This happened a few years ago and lex Christian was fined and lex cath had to forfeit all wins. That would b a shame if T had to forfeit this entire season after winning it all.
  9. Conner wins this one on heart while Franklin County is worried about it being too cold. 3 yards and a cloud of dust the entire game until Franklin County backs down from getting punched in the teeth too many times.
  10. Sounds correct. Unbelievable game. Unbelievable talent on both sides.
  11. Alexander was the best. I remember seeing him play at Henry Clay during the middle of a hot Saturday. He carried the ball 30+ times, played corner back on defense the entire game and played all special teams. He was the biggest cornerback I have ever seen. He scored 5 or 6 touchdowns and plowed over several guys each and every carry. My second choice would have to be Michael Bush. Just ask Trinity. Redmon had the great coaching ability to play him at QB one play, receiver the next, running back next... He was unreal no matter where u put him. The game against Trinity was a loss but was something like 63-62 loss with Braum QB for Trinity in the state championship. It was crazy what all Bush did.
  12. Sound like the scribe is comparing schedules and not results. If #6 beats #7 by 30 there should definitely be more than 1 poll position separating them. Especially when it is at #7's backyard and it could have been 50 if not for called back touchdowns. Even Kentucky has come within 30 a couple of times this year...
  13. One year when Donny Walker was the coach they went 9-1 but lost in the middle of the season to Lex Cath. Actually, they were something like 12-1 until running into Catholic or Highlands to end their season. I can't remember if that was Ammons last year or the year before. If it was Ammons last year, it would have been the year they were beating Catholic bad at halftime and lost to the Princeton Spread during the second half with Revere running wild... By the way, Revere is the only player I have seen faster than Timmons and that includes several speedsters from Male, Fern Creek, and other Louisville schools. This kid is special, as was Revere. I can't wait to see him touch the ball 20 to 25 times in the playoffs, instead of, 10 times a night.
  14. too many thoroughbreds in the Capital City. Speed kills. Although, West Jessamine has a chance if they can force turnovers and run the football down fc throats.
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