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  1. I believe if the school turns around and can attract some students, it will go along way in improving the football program.
  2. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20110106/SPORTS05/301060105/Nichols-to-coach-Fern-Creek-football Joe Nichols only out one year from Manual takes Fern Creek Job.
  3. It must be costing Trinity a fortune.
  4. If they are allowed to attend a school, they should be allowed to participate.
  5. Does or does not Kentucky allow out of state students?
  6. Not only could they compete, they could beat the Bluebirds. Not only that but their band is better, their dance team is better, their concessions are better, their stadium is better, and the neighborhood is better.........Ha! Ha! Ha!
  7. If we pool our money we can by a coke and share it at the next meeting at Papa John's.
  8. You perceive this as a problem. The Kentucky school system does not and it is allowed. Therefore you have a qualified student, who should be given every right of every other qualified student.
  9. I believe one of the reasons stated had to do with a more geographically efficient alignment. Who knew we were traveling too far for district games?
  10. This is great! LOL! This thread was created I assume to stroke the ego's of Highlands fans again by seeing themselves in the number one position and another opportunity for them to talk about themselves, but you have really done it this time. The bluebirds will be laying on thier backs with their legs twitching you are petting them so good with this one.
  11. I will say again, if a student is qualified to go to a school, enrolled in the school, attending classes at the school, and meets all academic and behavioral standards of the school, he or she should be allowed to participate in the extracurricular activities of the school. Some time in Kentucky we screwed up when we let the KHSAA lead the schools instead of the schools leading the KHSAA.
  12. Why not? Another idea would be to have each district be it own class and the winner of the class be declared the state champion for that distrct/class.
  13. Are the posters here saying that 3A football is so bad, that a team with all the problems Central has listed in this thread can win in a blow out despit all said problems?
  14. What do you mean "undisciplined"? "Out of shape", how so?
  15. The answer to all three of your questions is YES.
  16. Yes they could compete wih Highlands, no blowout in this mythical matchup.
  17. 1. Trinity 2. Male 3. Central 4. Newcath 5. Owensboro Catholic 6. Boyle County 7. Mayfield 8. Christian Cty 9. Allen Co Scotts 10. Hazard 11. Highlands 12. Belfry
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