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  1. How will they do? I know they lack numbers and size.
  2. Williamstown is all one building. I think Walton-Verona is all in school too.
  3. Who wins? I think it should be a close game with South pulling it out 28-20
  4. The grass was very thin at the start of the season at East Jess. One rain would ruin it for the year.
  5. Highlands first kickoff looked like they went offsides on purpose to make Grant think they were going to kick it deep and then came back with the onside. I've seen people go offsides on a kickoff but to be offsides by 5 yards. They should have knew something was up.
  6. Who do they have returing? How will they do this season?
  7. I have a question. Let's say Highlands scores 70 like most people predicting (including myself) Will people complain about them running up the score?
  8. I didnt see this as to much of an upset. These teams are pretty equal, other then Ammons. They both have solid skill players and linemen. If they played ten times I'd say they would split the wins.
  9. Wouldnt it be more embarassing to play against someones 2nd team or 3rd team?
  10. It's High School football. Anyone can win on any given night. It would be embarrassing like he stated above. Just because the parents kids arent as good as the previous years, they want the coach out. (I'm assuming their not as good)
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