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  1. The kid was defintely across the plain, the official must have believed the kid did not have control of the ball before it was knocked from his hands, so it is what it is. 20-19 Rocks.
  2. I notice you could't bring yourself to include the St.X PLAYER
  3. Congratulations to all St. X players and coaches! Great Season! eXtra Xmen kudos to: All-District: Wide Receiver - Will Simmons Offensive Guard - Josh Gahm Defensive Guard - Chris Jones Ooutside Linebacker - Nate Combs Middle Linebacker - Nick Heuser Defensive Back - Connor Hale All-District Honorable Mention: Quarterback - Ben Zoeller Running Back - Deuce Finch Tight End - Ben Brown Offensive Tackle - Hunter Barrett Defensive Guard - Matt Smith Defensive Tackle - James Carpenter Outside Linebacker - D.J. Hall Inside Linebacker - Jack Hilt
  4. I see it as a disrespect to Manual, in that St. X's convincing win over Manual results in a drop in the polls for St. X. Whereas Trinity's win over Ballard elevates the Rocks.:confused:
  5. The running game was strong as always and I was also glad to see a passing attack. Several long passes were "Just out of the reach of ..." and the last was a 33 yard completed pass. Congratulations on a very good 1st season! Keep up the hard work and good luck next year! :thumb:
  6. Times have changed. Through advancements, inventions and mergers the world seems smaller, closer and more tangible than its ever been, and such has trickled into citites, schools and neighborhoods. Schools merge to survive, city & county governments merge, parishes merge, companies/businesses merge and if you don't get on board you will probably shrivel and be left behind. I used to live in what was referred to as the east end (in Louisville), although I haven't moved I'm now considered to be centrally located. Times are changing, it's tough enough to keep up and kids should be allowed to go to school where they think they will have the best chance to achieve their greatest success, and if that's not their neighbor school, so be it. It seems selfish to me and no one has the right to hold these kids back and deny them what they believe and what they want for the sake of other's beliefs or what others want and/or don't want to change.
  7. And when it is disproven and dismissed what recourse does St. X have? Can any action be taken against the Clark County school system for "malice" intentions? It appears neither Valentine, Bennett nor any Clark County representative called St. X to verify facts or request an investigation. The first St. X heard of this was in the morning C.J, per St. X website. As Clark County did not call St. X to try to verify the word of a kid, or call St.X to make an attempt to correct a misunderstanding (not a coach), or call St. X with the a demand to stay away, but acted recklessly with intentions of defamation of character, and/or other ill will towards St. X. Further, as the Courier Journal also made no attempt to verify the facts before printing, are they libel? I hope St. X has some sort of recourse against such behavior and is able to make them take responsibilty for their actions. St. X said they will take resposibilty for their actions if proven to be true and the Clark County System and C.J. should be made to take responsibility for their actions when it's proven not to be true.:mad:
  8. Surely, you are being facetious (not about the facts, but about who's trying to steal whose thunder). The title of this thread is "St. X ranked #3 in the Country", and you are concerned about stealing his thunder? Congrats St. X !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. As previously advised St. X's theme this year was "Nothing can stop us!" with the umbrella suggesting we won't be stopped this year even if, again, there is bad weather. Coach Glaser use this motto as motivation but it was the students who brought the umbrella to this game to show support and reminder of this years theme. Continued questioning as to who brought the umbrella to the game seems a bit obssesive and bottom line is the umbrella reiterated X's motivating theme "Nothing can stop us!" I liked it, it worked. Many enjoyed the broom and umbrella, and some may even find pleasure in the disgruntleness some T fans have with this. CR, although it's probably not your intention, X fans can relate to your avatar as a reminder and source of St. X celebration. So thanks, I like it, too. Sure, the state championship is the ultimate destination, but, as is life the journey is half the fun. :dancingpa
  10. You've brought to my attention a question. As I am aware of St. X's most recent 'sweeps' of this 3 game series, in 2005 (highlighted in Center Rocks avatar) and this year's sweep in 2007, when did Trinity last 'sweep' this series? Truly no flame intended, I'm just not aware of when/if T has won the 3 game series, and since the broom seems to be such a touchy issue with the T fanbase I'm guessing it has been awhile. I am very curious as to when did T last 'sweeep' this 3 game series.
  11. Great job St. X! Congratulations to Coach Glaser, assistant coaches, players and all the tigers for a fantanstic, successful, winning week! Special acknowledgement to the OL for a great job . Stay focused. Good Luck! Go Tigers!
  12. The purpose of the broom is to signify the winning of the Freshman, JV and Varsity games a "sweep" for this weeks game. Also, the 'sweep' has never had anything to do with the state championship game, it is strickly significant of the Freshman, JV and Varsity game series, although I do agree the state championship is the more important. It has been a while since T has had an opportunity to bring out a broom and perhaps that is why several T fans have a misunderstanding of what the broom represents. The purpose of the umbrella was indicative of this years motivating theme: "Nothing Can Stop Us" IMO, the more X is reminded of their motto, the better for X, so feel free to highlight their team's theme as much as you like, it's a motivator. Congrats X you deserve your fun!:thumb:
  13. It was very exciting to see the freshman come out throwing and with such success! Throws were great and the receivers were cating the ball! What a delightful surprise. Knowing a team can successfully pass at any time will stop the defense from focusing on the rbs and help open up the running game. Whether this opening series was implemented as punishment to the RBs or not it was a success and hopefully can be appreciated and used often and become routine to the offense. Great job X!
  14. Greaaat game tigers! O Line opened up holes all night. Ben, Deuce super job! Extra kudos to the X kid containing Dexter Heyman all night.
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