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  1. He was never the head coach at Mason county either. They wouldn't have him as head coach. I don't blame them for shipping him out. His personality is about like a rock. Very dry person who couldn't carry on a conversation with anybody.
  2. Lets go back on that quote, he was not ejected from any games.
  3. No doubt about it they would be better off with him. When you have to start a sophmore(who should be playing JV ball) and bringing freshmen off the bench, I guarantee you they would be better off with a senior who was on the all disrict and all regional tourney teams last year.
  4. I know one thing, if things don't change things,they will not win 5 more games the rest of the season. They don' have the personal to play the way Starns wants them to play. This team doesn't have the speed to press like he wants.
  5. One thing they really miss is Jesse Meek. He could make a world of diffrence in this team.
  6. Very classy. But really no apology needed. Best of luck and have a safe trip to as we call it "eagleville".
  7. Maybe if you had won in week 8, you wouldn't have had to listen to the Pa.
  8. I am glad to see that it is not Johnson Central talking about basketball already.
  9. i think Shelby Valley makes it instead of Pike County Central
  10. Did the big guy from MMI try out? I figured he would have made it.
  11. At least we are going. These kids deserve it, they have been through a lot. They played survival basketball all week and never quit.
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