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  1. My recent maxes in the weightroom aren't too bad, i'm about 5'6 195lbs. bench 310 hang clean 270 squat 525
  2. Pretty sure Al Baker was at UK, but I don't know anything about his career.
  3. Thanks Old Rambler. This sounds like a great idea for Russell, I personally wasn't a big fan of playing on the old field but this should help it tremendously.
  4. Is this "crumb rubber" thing like a regular grass field but with small bits of rubber in it???
  5. Carter is a very athletic and fast kid, but IMO he needs to learn to stop dancing and running east-west and learn to just hit the hole and get 2 or 3 instead of trying for the homerun everytime. Once he learns this I think he can be a very good running back for Ashland.
  6. Didn't Whiting commit to Ohio State already??
  7. Ashlands Matt Thomas has visited Gardner Webb and was offered a partial by EKU. Not sure where else he's looking at though.
  8. Ohio Wesleyan, Wooster, Wittenberg are the names i have heard. I'm pretty sure there are a few more but i can't think of them off the top of my head.
  9. This is great news for a very talented young man, not only on the sports fields but apparently he is very gifted in the classroom too. good luck to you richie!!
  10. Caleb Rigsby is getting a lot of DIII interest from many schools in Ohio from what I've heard.
  11. Matt played DE in high school, he was turned into a LB at Centre.
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