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  1. I hope it stays out of the area , The first game of the season ,should be a dandy!! GO WARRIORS !!!:fight:
  2. Wow!!! This is kind of a shocker, I thought the Chargers would be dominant in this game, Good for Nelson Co. !! :ylsuper:
  3. Way to go Jumpers on the win!! I was there and seen that #35 for Paintsville running the ball and thought the Jumpers were gonna have a rough time for awhile.HE WAS A LOAD !!! But, Coach Cobb pulled the Jumpers through it ! Again congrats to the Jumpers !!!
  4. WOW !!!! Sounds like a good game ,I guess i'll be the first to eat crow,I didn't think East could do it. Congratulations to Bullitt East on the W. Way to play Rebels,sounds like it was a good game,unfortunately you guys come up short this year like we did.
  5. Good luck tonight Jumpers!!! I'll try to sneak over and catch some of the game,but if I don't make it I will definately listen to it!!! GO JUMPERS !!!
  6. GOOD LUCK REBELS !!!! I can't make it up there tonite ,but I will check the scores on BGP ,so I'll still be rooting you to the W.I may run over to the Somerset game about halftime ,to see the Jumpers. EVERYONE TAKE A THICK COAT! GO REBELS !!!!!!
  7. Yes we played with Boyle Co. ,and if you want to split hairs,we played with Highlands till they kicked an onside kick(which we were not ready for)and that let all the air out of our team. I think Boyle ,knowing how good they are in the Playoffs will be 37 points better!!! NO DOUBT. I have witnessed first hand the tough play of Boyle at playoff time and personally ,I think you will be in for a long night. Had our team shown up to play I think we would have held your team to probably14-21 points,at most.Sorry if this offends you becharger1 ,BUT you will be playing the 6 TIME STATE CHAMPS !!!!
  8. The Rebels should be able to handle Bullitt East in this one,I personally felt Bullitt East was a solid team ,BUT IN NO WAY AS GOOD AS WE MADE THEM LOOK! Our Offense couldn't get it going,we'd make 10 yards and they call us back for something.I don't really remember us trying to run the ball more than 10-12 times ,but maybe it's cause the scenario that was playing out . Oh well it's over and we can't win now ,so, i'll have to root the Rebels to victory !!!! GO REBELS !!!!!!!!!!!! B C 40 BE 3 :flame: :banana: By the way ,watch the fans that walk your sidelin
  9. Thanks, Daddypete,IT SHOULDN'T HAVE ENDED SO EARLY! :irked: But I will root on the Rebels as they make the drive,and show the Bullitt East Chargers ,who the champs are ! I have to say I hate it for our SENIORS !! But , now they can move on and hopefully go to college somewhere and play. :banana:
  10. I am going to have to go with the same prediction as last week ,WARRIORS by 10... SW 28 B E 18 GO WARRIORS !!!!!!!! :flame: :fire: :fight: :fight: :fight:
  11. becharger,no one said we would come in and walk all over your team,no one is acting like we are . You were comparing schedules and we were correcting you.Yes your guys will be ready as will the Warriors . Like Bucknut said, a good Defensive game is hard to beat.I like Southwestern in this game because we have had a horrid schedule,other than about three teams,and you like BE . No big deal the game will be played Friday. We will all see how a tough schedule pays off this time of year. Go Warriors !!!!!
  12. Thank you Princess,couldn't have said it better!
  13. Sorry to hear about the game Cards ,Sounds like you played well enough ,just looks like the Dunbar bug got you guys this year. I remember TWO games ,TWO years in a row that were last second questionable calls and/or plays,But, it's over and there are other fish to fry now. Good luck to the Cards next season ,see ya at the Reservation.
  14. becharger? Why make a comment like that ? I dont think you really have got a legit argument here. I looked and compared schedules and I feel like Bullitt has had it a lot easier than the Warriors.Bullit East has played TWO teams that even made it to the first round of playoffs . Southwestern played Two teams that didn't (because they are District opponents) 3 others went out in the first round ,and the rest (Corbin,Danville,South Laurel,Highlands,Boyle) they are still in the hunt ,so why make such a comment? I am sure Bullitt East will be ready to play ,your team always is ,but don't make this
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