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  1. The bad part about that is the BE coaches told the defense during the timeout that they were going to throw the ball to Hilton.
  2. Louisville Manual is the best team we've played. Calloway was good too. We haven't faced anyone who runs the offense Bell does, but we've played some good teams. I just hope Bell underestimates us as much as everyone on here is.
  3. Zack McCarthy and Curtis Logsdon. They combined for 483 yards rushing last night.
  4. That was a helluva game. Good luck to guys next year.
  5. We'll see. BE is very familar with Bell. They camped together for several years.
  6. You are in for a surprise then. BE is playing now like they should've all year. It will be a slugfest.
  7. McCarthy ran for 354 yards on 36 carries. BE as a team ran for 506 yards. Zack is a senior.
  8. The defense is multiple. The entire staff except for one assistant is still there.
  9. As a UK fan, I'm very glad to see this.
  10. The defense must improve for BE to make a playoff run in 08. A new scheme on that side of the ball should help. BE has a strong senior class for the upcoming season, which is always big. The QB will also have a year of starting experience under his belt and will be a junior.
  11. My cousin is an assitant coach at BE. Coach Preston will be running the defense. BE will continue to run the veer.
  12. Coach Preston and the assistant he brought with him will be running the defense. Coach Bowles we be calling the offense and BE will be running the split back veer.
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