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  1. Hazard lost Chase Patrick but have all other starters returning.....they also added Searcy who transfered from PCC and Durell Olinger is coming back out. So I wouldnt overlook this team too much.
  2. No one from Leslie is better than Hicks.
  3. Just wondering, how fast do Smith and Bowling throw?
  4. 1st. Region: St. Mary 2nd. Region: UHA 3rd. Region: Owensboro Catholic 4th. Region: Russellville 5th. Region: Bardstown 6th. Region: Holy Cross 7th. Region: Moore 8th. Region: Carroll Co. 9th. Region: Beechwood 10th. Region: Bishop Brossart 11th. Region: LCA 12th. Region: Somerset 13th. Region: Barbourville 14th. Region: Hazard 15th. Region: Paintsville 16th. Region: Fairview 1st Tiebreaker: 15th
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