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  1. Owsly has changed their lineup in the past 2 games setting out alot of starters and have scored 32 runds in them 2 games.
  2. Great game overall by the owls. They didn't even start their regular lineup in this game.
  3. Daniel Neeley form Owsley and Robert Smith. From Lee probably Matt Eversole.
  4. When does Lee play in their All "A" game?
  5. Great win for the owls. All the teams in the 56th you better watch out.
  6. Great game for the Owls 4-1 on the season this team could be overlooked and suprise alot of people.
  7. Matt Hoskins started out the game and Jeremy Pierson came in for about an inning and gave up like 4 or 5 walks and then Jordan Hardy came in the last inning and pitched really good. Not a good umpired game though.
  8. Owsley is going to surprise alot of people this year.
  9. Owsley has had more than one player get a scholarship to play collegiate baseball they also had a great player by the name of Darren Hardy get a scholarship to play collegiate baseball for Gene Combs when he coach college ball.
  10. LAst year Owsley county's jv team was awesome i expect alot out of them this year. They are an excellent Jv team.
  11. I have heard this but i don't think that the girls coach is going anywhere. He has been making out schedules out so i don't think he is going anywhere.
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