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  1. Fleming hasnt beat Mason since 99. They have lost 15 in a row. Tonight at the Den with it being senior night I think it all ends in a barn burner. Fleming 74 Mason 71.
  2. When the Panthers can put the ball in the hole, they're pretty good. They just have many nights where they can't even make a simple layup.
  3. Looks to be a good game, if Mason stays out of foul trouble, they can win fairly easily but Rowan plays tough and physical, something Mason doesn't handle very well. Good luck to both teams!
  4. Haven't seen Jackson City, but I've heard they are tough. Fleming has played well on Saturday games this year. Go Panthers!
  5. I agree if a team gets whipped in a game then they get over it and try to do better, what I argue is why press in the 4th quarter? If that is a coaching philosophy it is a new one to my knowledge. Another word for coaching philosophy could be no class because thats what it was. And why would you cry when you got beat 27, thats a respective whipping, there is a difference between 27 and 50+ points. And dont worry, nobody wants to stop scheduling Mason the way they did when Fleming was goin to the state tournament, thats not our Philosophy, we'll play and play hard, maybe get it handed to us but dont worry about that.
  6. I dont believe that is correct it was a regular season game and the score was 30-3
  7. The only problem Devilman is that Fleming is now in the 16th region.
  8. Yeah it was real nice seeing the jv royals pressing in the 4th quarter. the royals looked very good and considering the 8th graders fleming had playing and the juniors mason had playing it was a very NICE showing of sportsmanship in the 4th.
  9. If Kasey Clark from Russell is not in the running, it means he had an absolutely horrendous season. The kid set the record for scoring this year. He played like a man possesed in the state championship.
  10. If you have an opportunity to watch Antonio Owens for Boyd County, he's almost worth the price of admission. If you can get past his character issues and the way he acts, when he's playing he's a lot of fun to watch.
  11. Shows how close Fleming can be, beating #6 Rowan, and leading against #5 Elliott for much of the game.
  12. Just a great game to watch. I stayed after the Fleming County game because I knew it would be a dandy. Hats off to Morgan's fans, that gym was electric. Lot of fun to watch, but I didn't see too many questionable calls. At least, they didn't go either way.
  13. Panthers did a good job bouncing back after a hard loss to Ashland. Let's hope they can use this game to get on a roll.
  14. Isn't it funny how selective of a memory some people have. They choose to forget that for the entire month of June, before football starts, these kids are playing summer league basketball. The Panthers played over 20 games this summer, and on days they didn't have games they practiced. Before you criticize these kids priorities, get your story straight.
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