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  1. Wait ‘til you see what’s coming, rising sophomore class is absolutely loaded & will make quite an impact in 2018!
  2. I’m not sure how they can pass over Todd Walsh again, pretty much been on staff since the late ‘80’s & has more than earned his shot!
  3. If we as a state stop building new schools & start expanding existing schools, are we even having this discussion? cuts both ways...
  4. The biggest advantage private schools have over their public counterparts is parental involvement. Anything regarding district boundaries are more a case of the public schools choosing to handicap themselves, which in turn certainly provides an advantage for the private schools, just not sure how that can be construed as the fault of the private schools...
  5. Rocks won the '94 title game 21-7 over Boone, previous poster had the 3-0 X win over Boone incorrect as that was the result of the '92 title game...
  6. Anyone in particular you'd want as his replacement? Would Coach Walsh finally get his shot?
  7. the 21-0 1974 game was my first ever &, like you, haven't missed one since, but that streak ends this Friday, gotta go to a wedding, & it's KILLING me!!!
  8. then I hope you're disappointed come Saturday morning!
  9. W/o looking it up I believe T leads something like 43-37 w/ 2 ties...
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