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  1. thanks for the Mike Yeagle update guys...and Beechwood will be just fine with Noel Rash...a great choice. Boone County and the new school coming in the somewhat near future makes some sense for Mike down the road...I agree that his presence, more because he is a coaching legend, would make a head coach, unless he was already well-established and respected with the program and community, a little uneasy...Let's be honest...that'd be a natural reaction...I wonder and asked partly because I'm curious if Mike might be looking over on this side (Ohio) of the river as well? I know of quite a few Cincy schools that would love to have him come coach their programs...wonder if he is interested at all in coming over to coach?
  2. a somewhat related question, but I wanted to ask it on this thread for my information...can anyone tell me what Mike Yeagle will do now, or where he will go? Is he still teaching at Beechwood? Played against him, coached against him, and have nothing but the utmost respect for him...I'd like to know what his future plans are now, if any of you can help??? :confused:
  3. Where did Mac Cooley leave Lloyd to go? Is it for a coaching position somewhere else? He's a stand up guy, and will do great wherever he goes...or with Neerfan's comment about Mac being a family man, is he getting out of coaching to devote more time to his family? Bring a NKY football fan transplanted to the paying side of the river up to speed fellas! Roy will do a great job if given the opportunity at Beechwood...
  4. Can somebody give an outsider who used to be in NKY a headsup on the O Coordinator you guys are referring to?
  5. isn't one of the main concerns with the public schools that are pushing this fairly simple: That private schools can and do draw kids/athletes from an "unlimited" geographical area? Can any public school say that they have this option? I reside on the other side of the Ohio river, but spent a number of years in NKY/so I really don't have a dog in this fight; but...just read about this proposal this afternoon as a matter of fact...how can a public school expect to legitimately compete for the better athletes in their area, if from time to time, a private school continues to draw these kids to their programs? Like Lloyd's Chad Molley (AD) says in the article, they're just trying to level the playing field a little...I see no problem with that, and can totally understand the public school's perspective here...
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