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  1. I should also mention Taft is an "inner city" school that just started their football program back up about 5 or 6 years ago. By the way, I found their bright yellow jerseys with green numbers and bright yellow pants to quite gaudy and ugly, but whoever did this is still wrong!
  2. Great win for the Lancers! I wish I had gone to this game now. The GCL South may come down to a battle of the two teams on North Bend Road. FYI, LaSalle High School: 3091 North Bend Road St. Xavier High School: 600 W. North Bend Road
  3. This game involved two non-Kentucky teams, but I believe the story is worth telling. Just hours before the game between Taft and Withrow, a suspicious fire burned all of the Taft uniforms. The uniforms are kept in a locked room that is only used on gamedays. Fortunately, several schools offered to let the Senators borrow their uniforms. They took 2004 Division I state champ Colerain up on the offer, so they took the field in their own green helmets, white jerseys with red numbers and "COLERAIN" in Red, and red pants. During halftime, an unspecified community group made a donation to help repla
  4. From attending this game, I was quite impressed with the UC defense. The offense has some work to do, but they could be quite strong when they get the running game going with the three-headed running back monster of Glatthaar, Benton, and Moore. It was a weird game. You don't expect to see a team with negative rushing yards as of the third quarterhave a sizable lead. They finally went into positive figures to stay late in the third quarter. Granted, the Bearcats lost about 30 rushing yards on two bad shotgun snaps early in the game to create the large negative number, but they still didn'
  5. I'm having trouble uploading the picture, but I just noticed the Sports Illustrated college football preview on my coffee table. Mike Hart is on the cover. SI cover jinx strikes again!
  6. I hope ESPN makes this an "Instant Classic" so I can watch it.
  7. Already been, Southeast Missouri State at UC.
  8. I can't say I'm with you on this one. Should be a great game to watch, but I don't see Florida losing this game. This is assuming they get past my mom's alma mater, Jackson State...
  9. Nice win for the Bearcats. I only caught the last three minutes of overtime on the radio. Good thing I taped the game. I think I'll go watch it right now.
  10. Tressel is 0-2, having lost to South Carolina in his first year. The other six losses belong to Cooper, against South Carolina, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, and I guess one more than is escaping me. I think all of them were in either the Florida Citrus Bowl or the other bowl that is now called the Outback Bowl.
  11. It could be worse. You could be a Browns fan like me.
  12. Hmmm...no updates for a little while. It's now 23-8, and the Colts just intercepted a pass. About 6 minutes left and the Colts have the ball near midfield.
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