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  1. I understand your statement and agree to an extent, but I have also talked to alot of parents who understand how many injuries there are in soccer becuase of the lack of protective gear. While there are more collisions in football most dont result in injury because of the protective gear. Whereas in soccer the collissions occur with much less protection. I would be interested to hear more on the subject of injuries by specific sport.
  2. Who decides who gets what % of the scholarships? I think you would create an educational world of cheating, lieing, and dishonesty. Oh wait a minute I think we already have that, just kidding. I dont really think its currently as bad as all that. But wouldnt your plan create curruption within the systems from the administrators, teachers, coaches, parents and the soon to be established scholarship brokers? What would all of this tuition reimbursement cost the schools to offset? Would private tuitions go thru the roof to fund the scholarships? But I think your right parents with the means will opt to send their kids wherever they choose, the days of schools consisting of kids from the neighborhood are pretty much dead and buried. As great a feeling as that was relating to sports with teams competing against other teams and representing their own town or area of town, it just doesnt exist any more in the metro areas and is more and more the case in the rural areas too!
  3. Great Video! I understand the call and the rules, but are their any rules about blocking the plate, with or without the ball. Back in the day we would have plowed the catcher!
  4. I've seen it too in baseball. Not a pretty site watching 13/14 yr olds move to the big field for their first time for some against bigger and better. Longer base paths, pitching mound farther away, its a big adjustment. At some point wont more and more teams consist of ms'rs playing up resulting in basically a ms league.
  5. I think any parent should have a big part of this decision regarding their own child, but initially it has to be decided upon by whatever sanctioning body, in the case of KY I think it would be the KHSAA. They have to decide on how it applies to all not just the most talented and capable. Contact or non contact I have seen players humiliated in non contact sports and injured too! The other side of this coin is: If one middle schooler is able to play, should any and all middle schoolers that want to go out for the high school team be allowed? Whats fair for one should apply to all it seems! Not that all would make the varsity team but could a school create a Freshman and JV team of MS'rs to get them the experience against the older kids? Going back to my earlier thread regarding other states. I think this issue is deeper than are they capable and we need them to fill out teams. I am really interested in why other states dont allow it, I feel like there are probably some very valid reasons. Can anyone shed some light on why other states have made their decisions and why?
  6. Yes I agree, I believe a school with only 70 kids has some serious issues. Especially when it comes to athletics and how they fill those teams. I think there are solutions other than to MS's filling the voids. Unfortunately some schools so small should limit the number of sports available if they cant field a team. I doubt it would be the first time it has happened. The fact the younger kids are playing because of lack of enough HS kids is the main reason against ms kids playing. How much risk is assumed for the safety of these younger kids playing against bigger stronger kids simply because they need the numbers?
  7. In "Failing System" I am referring the to programs provided being utilized by the students intended, no one school in particular but the system as a whole. Some schools are better off than others, but the fact that middle school kids participation is even an option is indicative of the nearsightedness of the powers running the show and their failure to see that more kids are needed from the high school ranks or fewer programs. Why is it that this state should even consider allowing middle school kids to play high school sports, when so few other states allow it. The other states not allowing it have just as many or more ms'ers that are capable but yet they are not allowed. What other states allow middle school kids to compete in high school athletics? I think we will find very few, I am interested in why this is an issue in KY and not in more states, any ideas why other states dont allow it? What about just the states that border KY? IN - No OH - No Tenn - ? WV - ? IL - ? Mo - ? Does anyone know if these states allow MS to compete? Does anyone know of states allowing MS to compete?
  8. I am not familiar with this reference, what is the relevance? Another reason for fewer hs kids playing sports could be because we now have more sports available than ever before. Soccer, Field Hockey, are a few I can think of, are there more? What is the answer to KY sports getting more kids involved. Anyone have statistics on the % of HS kids participating in # of sports now compared to say 10 yrs or 15 yrs ago?
  9. I think most non X & T folks would be willing to try the two team option and risk the four headed monster. I dont think the practicing together would be an option or a problem because of the limitation in the number of scrimmages would not allow it. I personally think the same sex classes for schools is an excellent idea and should be available in more public schools too! I agree that the non playing kids on the teams dont consider it unfair and I expect they are very proud to be members, as they should be. But I believe they would be equally or more proud to be on one of the two teams fielded and actually get playing time.
  10. OK, my own daughter has convinced me that the MS'ers shouldnt have to pass high school level classes and that MS is actually more stressful than HS. I guess that is a personal issue for the individual. So I concede that the MS'ers are not under less stress than HS'ers. However I still say that they should be enrolled in the high school to play for the school team. It's high school teams made up of students from the high school, not the best players it can find regardless of where they attend or will attend school. But isnt it really a failing system that allows and/or needs younger kids to compete and fill out high school teams? How many other states allow middle school aged kids to participate in high school sports? Just my opinion: I dont argue that some younger kids aren't better at a sport than some of the older kids, thats not the point. It's the win at all cost mentality that is part of the reason that more of KY's high school kids dont participate in athletics. High School age kids more than any other age group need programs to belong too. The fact that this situation exist for discussion in this state is a testament to the poor level of participation of the high school age kids. KY doesnt need middle school players filling out their teams, we need more high school aged kids getting involved with sports. Its part of the reason our state ranks so low in athletics. I think people are missing the importance of kids "coming of age" and learning the lessons from having to wait their turns for their opportunities. Kids having to wait to play in a certain league or on a certain team develop an intense desire to do well and an appreciation for the privilege of playing when their time does finally come, that doesnt happen when exceptions begin to occur because of ability and status. As a parent I would be careful about moving younger kids into the high school ranks, its usually not a pretty sight! Many times its the not because the MS'ers are so good but because the HS ranks are so low!
  11. Mayo is a good example! How would it have hurt Mayo to stay at the middle school level and focus on becoming more of a team player during the middle school season? Could he have refrained from shooting and focused on passing and developing plays for his teammates. The coach could always turn him lose in a close game. His travel teams I'm sure traveled extensively playing the best nationally allowing him to develop his offensive skills. I think people are missing the point of developing talent at the expense of others, high school aged kids for the sake of winning high school sports. Life doesnt start and end with high school sports. Most sports have much more competitive off season competition for the more advanced players. I say let kids grow with kids their own age. I dont know Mayo, I have no idea what kind of kid he is, what kind of attitude he has towards his game or his team, what his grades were like during ms or hs, my point is there are things to learn by playing with kids your own age and learning how to co-exist. Kids the caliber of Mayo come along about once every 20 yrs, and he would have been fine playing with his age group. Did he play up with the 18 and unders as a 14yr old for travel ball?
  12. Considering the student athlete part of this equation, I think that is still a part of high school sports, are the middle schoolers required to pass high school equivalent classes to prove they can perform at the same level academically as the high school kids? Middle schoolers are not under the same pressures as high school aged kids. Let these middle school wonders attend high school, if they can pass the classes, then they should be allowed to compete, if they are not enrolled and taking high school classes they should not be competing? Let them deal with the same classes the same peer pressures as the high school kids and if they can pass it and still want to compete, sign em up. Does the KHSAA even check the middle school kids for academic eligibility? Whose ego is driving these decisions, the kids or the parents or some coach?
  13. It should because they are playing in a leauge with only 4 other schools with a comparable number or students in the student body. No one has suggested that the large school reduce the number of students in their enrollment, only suggestions as to how they operate relative to sports within the KHSAA Class system. I have already stated let them become as large as they like, I think I said 10,000 all male students. At what point are the enrollment numbers excessive to the point of being considered unfair, 2000 vs 700, 3000 vs 700, 5000, then would anyone agree they should have more than one team? I compliment Peprock for discussing this issue most folks refuse to discuss it. Your passion for your school is commendable, but no less than mine!
  14. Sorry to disgust, but I disagree, the big 2 at least could afford it. It could, should and would work!
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