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  1. Not arguing that he loves football, just wanted to be sure that the best program currently at CCHS, that has worked hand in hand with the previous football coach, will continue to get that kind of support if he is hired. Having spoken with him I feel he will continue to support football players wrestling in the winter. That being said I would only/could only support a hire that supports football players wrestling in the winter as it is a win/win for both programs. jm2c
  2. Is he going to change his tune and support football players wrestling in the winter? If not, then not interested. js
  3. The sport is growing in Kentucky. It starts with elementary and middle school programs. Students get involved and want to continue in High School. Once the mat is purchased, usually the biggest start up cost, starting program is not much of a problem.
  4. Sweeperboy:Wrestling will have a direct impact on football, but it will be a positive impact. The sport will make any football players who wrestle a better football player. It will increase their stamina, hand/eye coordination, balance, tackling ability, and so much more. Some of the best players in the NFL wrestled. Tom Osborne, Bob Stoops, and other College coaches actively recruit football players who wrestle. This will be a great thing for your school.
  5. G1 “I draft wrestlers because they are tough, I have never had a problem with a wrestler.” - Joe Gibbs, Hall of fame Football Coach I would have all of my Offensive Lineman wrestle if I could.“ - John Madden, Hall of Fame Football Coach “I love wrestlers, they are tough and they make great football players.” -Mike Stoops, NCAA National Championship Football Coach - University of Oklahoma “Wrestlers make coaching football easy, they have balance, coordination, and as a coaching staff we know they’re tough.” - Tom Osborne , College Hall of Fame Football Coach - University of Nebraska
  6. Jim Ploesser- Hopkinsville: 3 State Championship & 4 State Runner-up teams, plus numerous Individual State Champions. Jim Perrin- Christian County: 1 State Championship & 2 State Runner-up teams, plus numerous Individual State Champions. Started the program
  7. Former you said: So coaches should punish kids for moving? No, if the move was made for legimate reasons, not just because the dad got mad at the coaching staff & moved. Put it this way- How would you feel is you spent the whole year as a varsity wrestler, ready to go to state and Luke Metzker or Brad Cooper moved in a week before district and took your spot? Remember they started the season at Henry Clay or Simon Kenton, got mad at their coaches & moved to Larue for wrestling purposes only. It's one thing for those boys to move in and compete all season, it's another for them to move in a week before region and take someone's job. Yes, they are studs, but what message is being sent to the Campbell County team. Hard work & dedication mean less then another team championship. My only question: what would Coach B do if the Myers moved in & to job they were going to take was his sons?
  8. Does John plan to get some wrestling going on before the schools merge? As I understand it, he's starting elementary this season. Middle School next and High School after the merge.
  9. In addition to the teams Coach McCoy mention, Owensboro and Graves County added teams this year. In two years when the three McCraken County schools combine they will have a program. They have hired John Adams, the former Christian County head coach, to be their head coach.
  10. The sport is growing every year. 13 years ago when I started coaching in District 1, which is now Region 1 had 6 teams. It now has 14 teams. This is a direct result of the growth of middle school and elementary programs. The high school teams are seeing an increase as direct result of the middle school programs. In 2000 there were 70 high school teams wrestling in Kentucky, last year there were 92. In 2000 13 teams competed in the middle school state championships, last year there were 61 teams. Interest is on the rise. Now we just need it to move into those last areas of the state that are wrestling free, i.e. Bowling Green.
  11. 1964: Ahrens Trade won the first two. Newport Catholic did win in 1967.
  12. I'm just glad to hear another program is starting.The more the merrier. Male is starting this year in the Louisville area. Now if we can get any of the Bowling Green area teams- ACS, Franklin-Simpson, Warren Central, Greenwood, Bowling Green and more of the Western Kentucky Schools- Marshall Co, Graves Co, McCracken Co. etc. to start it would be even better
  13. It was 14-0 Colonels before the Christian County Offense got on the field. Tandy 5 punt returns for TD's, 4 counted, (1 called back). He also scored a TD and conversion on offense. Final score 71-7. All the starters started the 2nd half on the bench with their shoulder pads off.
  14. no, it was an open tournament for anyone Pre-K to 6th gradewho wanted to come wrestle. We have it the 3rd weekend of March every year.
  15. 4th Annual Christian County Youth Wrestling Tournament When: SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2010 Where: Christian County High School Who: Open to youth wrestlers Pre-K to 6th Grade Registration & Sign-Ins: 8:00 TO 9:00 A.M. Wrestling will begin at: 10:00 a.m. We will wrestle a round robin format in four/five man brackets. This guarantees at least 3 and no more than 4 matches. This will help expedite the tournament. Wrestlers Entry Fee: $10.00 Spectators Entry Fee: Free Concessions will be available. If you have any questions please contact Coach Robert A. Burnham at robert.burnham@christian.kyschools.us or 931-249-2920
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