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  1. Are we also forgetting that Nick Saban personally wrote him a letter congratulating him? He has connections to the college world that very few coaches have. He has gotten two former players jobs at Alabama among many other programs. If a player wants to play on a 7 on 7 team on their own time, I’m sure Coach Sphire wouldn’t care. But as soon as that team becomes more important to the players than Highlands and they are missing workouts/practices, then there is a clear problem.
  2. Parents have also been used to their kids being home by 4:30 after school during football season and having .500 seasons. Coach Sphire was hired to win championships. Those don't just appear out of thin air. Things are going to change and some parents may not like the time commitment. I assume all the kids understand what is being asked of them. Everything I have heard indicates that players are able to play different sports etc. but when you are able to be at football practice, you better be at football practice.
  3. Quite the opposite. Coach Sphire seems to be all for players playing or participating in any extracurricular sport they choose as long as it does not cause you to miss any team events or practices. Pretty standard operating procedures. If a player wants to go participate in an extracurricular and choose to miss practice then they are making a decision to put the team 2nd. Either you do what is expected of you to benefit the team or somebody else will step into that gap. Not to mention Coach Sphire has had well over 200 players go on to play college ball. I think he has a good idea of what
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