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  1. Can’t agree more, Hamilton to talented to loaf around the bottom, I see the Camels winning there 9th straight district.
  2. Hamilton was in foul trouble pretty much all night, also didn’t help with the 20 turnovers the camels had, Hamilton and Gross both fouled out with crucial time was left.
  3. Glad Barth was off, could have been ugly, Camels look confused on offense, don’t think this was a good game by either team.
  4. Love it! Special kids at St. Henry, very close group, love seeing this group stick together all thru elementary and high school. Congrats Cru.
  5. Congratulations to Kelly Niece, kid is a player and passed up a great player, would have loved to see where McKinley would have been with the 3 point line, but what a career and accomplishment.
  6. So Happy for the Cru! What a classy bunch of boys. Congrats on a huge win.
  7. Thought the margin would be a more, but a win is a win. Congrats to verst on game high.
  8. Perry can score, especially with Pops being head coach, he will be the Ky all time points scorer no doubt. Kid had a stache in the 6th grade. But a great player.
  9. Totally agree, Camels leading scorer a Sophomore took 6 attempts, I’ve never seen a team who’s high scorer has no plays for him. All his points comes off loose balls a drives and still manages to score 16-17 a game. Kinda sad.
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