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  1. Great game for the Camels tonight!!! Dane Hegyi lead in scoring with 34 points!!!
  2. Great game for the Camels tonight!! Congratulations to all of our Seniors!! What a wonderful group of young men!!! Trevor Davis, Jordan Gross, Kyle Hart, Nolan Losure, and Hunter Reinhart!
  3. A really good game by both teams. Cooper shot the ball very well. The game could have gone either way. Jordan Gross lead all scorers with 33 points and 11 rebs.
  4. Camels won. Period. They won without one of their starters.
  5. Great game for the Camels!! Young and getting stronger and better every day! Gross-18 points and 13 rebounds; Hegyi had 18 points; Beiting 20 points; Reinhardt 9 points. Homegrown boys!!!
  6. Camels always play for each other!!! Congrats to Jordan Gross, Player of the game with 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists. Hegyi with 16 and 12 rebounds, Hamilton with 15, and Beiting with 14.
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