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  1. Green should’ve got the award and did. Still does not change my opinion that Vinson is hands down the number 1 player in the ninth!!
  2. Disken is a great player, great motor 3rd best is not bad. All of this is just my opinion.
  3. I’m not knocking Disken or Green their both awesome players with a lot more around them than what Vinson and Veith have around them.
  4. Be a good time for Cooper to sneak up on someone.
  5. St. Henry has a great team. I’m just hoping somehow Cooper can get it going and pull off the upset.
  6. My predictions in the first round. Cooper (might be going with my heart but I do feel it could be a little different game than in December with Jennings and Centers back neither played in the first meeting. ) CCH by a bunch Conner by 6-8 Highlands by 12-15
  7. Just curious PP1 who are you predicting to win the ST. Henry/ Cooper game and the Conner/Beechwood game??
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