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  1. Which field general will lead their team to the WIN tonight? Which coaching staff is better prepared? Will we see Seniority shine tonight?? Excited for the battle tonight! Great football weather!!
  2. Absolutely.. here we are! Love the detailed write up! Thank you for coming to the Greenwood game. I’m unsure what AWFUL game you watched that you consider BG “limping” into the SW game?!?! Both of theirs scores seem to mirror one another last Friday. *Also, BG finally dealt with Covid.. they had 15+ players quarantined for 14 days and had 1 day of practice right before the Greenwood game. From my understanding it was the ENTIRE O-LINE, some D-LINE, and skill players. That’s alot of downtime on those big boys!!! *The first time they played one another this year they just lost their #1 receiver, Wilson, and Cooper was playing with a fractured wrist. I’m pretty sure personnel on offense has changed significantly since their last meeting. *Play calling has gotten better IMO! That first game was crappy.. everyone was trying to adjust to players being swapped around. You can’t really judge a team against a powerhouse like Trinity.. they are in a league of their own. However, Cooper never threw a pic or got sacked!! He looked good against GW. He had 300 yards and 4 TD’s. Could’ve had over 400 yards and 6-7 TD’s.. but there were several easy, dropped passes. *Also, BG’s schedule is definitely more challenging. They played all 6A schools and then their district games. However, SW has their district games and then 3A and 4A schools. I’m not really sure how you can compare the teams.. especially when they first played on such an injured list, including SW without Dunn! * The doubts of accurate passes and Bunton’s running game just doesn’t quite fit the stats at this point. KHSAA may not add the playoff game but I believe Veltkamp and Cooper both have 2 INT’s and look at the teams Cooper faced! I think it’ll be a really good game of teams with talented players. BG did struggle offensively against Trinity.. and so would 1500 other HS teams in KY!! They lost to SW by 3 the first time. It was a 4th quarter game! So with all of the issues that BG had... what was all of SW’s issues on why they only beat BG by 3??
  3. I agree.. BG definitely looked rusty. You could tell that they were without almost their entire line for 2 weeks due to quarantine. I believe I was told they came back on Wednesday. Defense wise, BG wasn’t as polished as normal. Which is to be expected after not playing for 3 weeks and then practicing without 14 players for 2 weeks. GW still just didn’t have the manpower to hold off that Defense that was hungry to get stops. They had several chances within the red zone and couldn’t finish!! Offensively, GW really wasn’t letting BG get a lot of ground game going. So they went to the air.. and dang...it was pretty! Cooper threw for 300 yards and with the dropped passes would’ve been 400 yards easy! He was a gun slinger last night. So many talked about the ease and patience he had in the pocket.. it was exciting to watch! He was throwing 50 yard bullet touchdown passes. If BG uses that, it can be the game changer that they need for the playoffs! Even with some EASY dropped balls that would’ve been TD’s, the receivers made some incredible catches last night! I can’t wait for this BG vs SW matchup. Great Thanksgiving week ahead!!
  4. Excited to get to see some HS Football tomorrow night! Pretty sure the Purples will handle business .. I believe all starters are due to play. All kids are both sides I’m sure are hungry to get back out under the Friday night lights.. The Purples haven’t played since their game against Trinity. They took the BIG “L”.. but walked away uninjured pretty much. Trinity is just in a league of their own. For Cooper to not have been sacked at all that night was actually incredible. He was definitely running for his life from the sound of the snap for sure!! Does Greenwood have a QB they’re comfortable with now ? May be a tighter game if so! Glad these young men get to keep playing and finish out their season !!
  5. Hey there Trinity Fans.. seems like we received some guidelines of no backpacks/ bags/ extra stuff being brought into the stadium. Do you know if you can bring in blankets, those small heaters, etc.? I believe it’s gonna get down right chilly this Halloween 👻 Eve!! Please let us Purples fans know that will get to make the drive!! Thanks!
  6. Hmmm.. close?!?! Not sure about that! I think it’s Senior Night and Homecoming for the Purples As well as the LAST regular season game to be played at the El Stadium.. EVER! Lots of sentiments happening on Friday. I believe it would take a heck of an outing by the Gators to get the Purple Spirit down on Friday! A lot of Purple Pride flowing in one night. with that being said, the Gators vs SW game was a lot closer than expected. Most didn’t expect GW to even score. So, they could come out ready to rumble. However, I think the Purples will give GW all they want and more... on both sides of the ball. It’ll be a fun one to watch. The coaching staff has a history at GW as well, so that’s always a nice rivalry for them too! 42-6 BG
  7. WDNS FM D93 will be Live Streaming on Facebook.. I just received confirmation on that!! Sporting Times usually Live streams as well. 😊
  8. Ok.. trying to be patient.. but hey, it’s Bball season!! Who are the Top teams in the State this year?? Who’s loaded with talent?? Seems to be a lot of player movement lately. Not sure I’m even up to date on which players are still with which teams these days!! Discuss!!
  9. Anyone heard if BG brings back any of their injured starters for tomorrow nights game?? Lineman, punter, etc???
  10. GREAT break down! I see what you’re saying!! I believe someone mentioned that Wilson and Cooper had played football together since they were 7. Talk about Chemistry.. and it showed!! Other than Dingle, I don’t think the other receivers saw any Varsity clock last year. So you’re right. It takes some practice to feel each other out and get that timing down. I also think Dingle scooped a few really, low passes the past few games which is difficult for his size. However , I also think there have been several that have hit his hands; very catchable passes, that he just lost sight of or heard those 10 foot steps closing in on him QUICK! Those are game changers sometimes. When he catches it, he’s dragging 2-3 players with him for days. Lol. I think it would be nice to run some quicker, faster guys on those WR routes who can catch that long ball. Hopefully this week and next week they’ll get to experiment a little at that receiver spot. Strode stepped up and proved he wants some passing. I think once he caught that first one last Friday, Cooper had confidence to throw it back to him. That’s what it’s all about!! Trusting each other! IMO... I think trying Burwash out at WR where Wilson played would be INTERESTING! I believe he would add another dimension. I would keep him on the offensive side of the ball longer. Not just for Wildcat plays here and there or to punt the ball.. AGAIN, I don’t coach so my opinion is just my opinion .. HaHa! It’s fun to try to think like a coach sometimes though!! We’ll all critique our BGP coaching moves at the end of the season.. 🙃
  11. I think it was an eye opener against SW that they need to open up the Playbook. They kept running the same plays over, and over, and over! Not until the last drive did they let the kids throw some. Cooper has to get some confident receivers that he can trust. Losing Wilson really took away a lot for him. A few of those balls he threw last night, Wilson would have caught. I think Their first game without Wilson is under their belt now and they know what needs to be worked on. I can see them moving some skilled defensive players to the offense side. Without Wilson, SW only doubled Dingle and put someone on Bunton and Cooper. That took away their offense. I have to say, the play calling hasn’t been as aggressive as it was against St. X. The Offensive coordinator is being way to conservative for a Championship caliber team. They threw the ball all over the field against St. X. Maybe ran a handful of pass plays last night. That’s a shame! I believe they’ll come out hungry for McCracken and work some kinks out on Offense. Someone has to step up and help Dingle, Bunton, and Cooper. Along with the coaches giving them the chance to win with great play calling. I’m looking forward to a great game next Friday!
  12. Should be a great, exciting game. The injuries on the BG side could definitely hinder the Purples. Wilson is a key factor to the offense. Absolutely heartbreaking to tear an ACL during your Senior year. He’s a 3-sport athlete as well. Cooper and Wilson seem to have a great connection together. From my understanding, they thought Cooper broke his left wrist during the PRP game sometime in the 2nd quarter. I’ve been told he IS playing against South. If not, that could be the decision maker. I was told they had 2 other injuries on defense as well. I believe it will be a very physical game since both schools seem to start the chatter at the beginning of the year! Special teams, kickers, etc. will need to be on their best game. Any one mistake could decide this game. Excited to watch this rivalry on Friday!
  13. Great win for the Purples. IMO, regardless of mistakes, the Purples stayed poised and never panicked. Those snaps would’ve had most QB’s overly frustrated but Cooper being the athlete he is.. he worked through it! The offense stayed in sync and figured out ways! The defense surprised most. I think BG has kids this year with A lot of heart and athleticism that can flat out play anywhere on that field! Both sides stayed involved with each other. You just didn’t feel the same way with X. I think the Purples opened a lot of eyes last night that weren’t prepared for this type of team, including Wallace and X. Yes, mistakes from both teams; however, BG shrugged those off and kept stompin. I think the South vs BG game should be interesting!! I know South won last night too but the competition level is no where close to X. Again, great to be playing!! what players were the difference makers on the field last night for you guys??
  14. Should be a fantastic game tonight! For both teams sake, I hope the refs that the BG/LC game had.. made their way back to the 3rd Region. That was the poorest officiating I’ve witnessed in a LONG TIME! Terrible this time of the year that refs can be that awful! You mentioned Cooper and Huddleston being in foul trouble.. Mason was as well. Cooper was getting demolished under the basket and they were literally calling charges. I hope they let them play tonight while just keeping it under control. The boys deserve that! Emotions will be intense.. refs should know that. Controlling the game with kids in unnecessary foul trouble isn’t fair for the hard work they put into the game.. IMO. I think WC should have a different mentality going into this game considering they have 11 Seniors to BG’s lone 1! It could come down to some extremely important coaching decisions. Clubb has been up by double digits the last two years and couldn’t hold on to the lead. We’ll see what he chooses to do tonight.
  15. Honestly, I thought the game would be a bigger battle. Other than Greenwood going on a late run in the 4th.. BG’s tempo was just too much for the Gators. They were able to win with Buttry only having 3 points! Mason and Cooper combined for 51 pts last night! I believe the Purples looked like they stepped up their game from the week before. Probably the FIRST game that EVERYONE pulled their part. Whether it was rebounding, blocking shots, smothering defense or scoring ... They just took care of business! Most unselfish game they have played! With the exception of unnecessary substitutions, IMO, BG looked like a top contender. I don’t believe in messing with chemistry when it’s clicking... but hey.. that’s why I’m not a coach! Hats off to Greenwood on a great season!
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