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  1. The refs kept this one closer! Corbin is young and will be a force next year
  2. One of the biggest games in the state imo this week. After pikeville gets beat by Hazard and Mayfield loses it makes you realize you better not over look any team let alone either of these two teams. It's been a odd year and anything can happen! The weather favors JC because those balls are hard and those hands are cold! Let the smash mouth football begin!
  3. The Johnson Central of old was the school of choice for senior night or the dance! Times sure have changed and it seems as if teams don’t wanna play them. For an example Ashland had an open date and would have Help them prepare to play Belfry and yet they refused. I also heard rumors that Frederick Douglas was asked as well. Do teams just not want to play them for lack of respect for the program or because of the respect for the program?
  4. After tonight’s Belfry win over undefeated Bell county makes me think that JC has played a lot tougher schedule then people are giving them credit for! Tomorrow the Eagles go to war! 1,2 skip a few 100!!!
  5. Not trying to steal any thunder from Belfry as I’m a big fan when they are not playing Johnson Central. Just how good is Johnson Central? We will find out tomorrow!!!!
  6. JC lives being the under dog. As far as Boyle being the more physical team. I’d have to see it to believe it. The children have been put to bed! Come Saturday young men are going to play for the 4A state championship. Should be the best game in the championship IMO.
  7. Wayne county allows to many points to stop JC. JC defense is pretty solid but the offense is a machine. JC by 3 td’s.
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