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  1. I’m not getting ahead of myself. I definitely didn’t say they will win the State. I said they “Should”!!! You bring in the talent they did and return a high level D-I point guard (coach’s words). Also have a mid-major off-guard returning (Again coach’s words) then you should win the State. But give Rowan Co. credit, they picked up a nice player from Lexington!! The 16th Region is catching up with the rest of the state by assembling very talented teams!
  2. I’m not getting ahead of myself just stating the facts. Then you assemble that much talent the expectation should be to win the state!!
  3. Wow!! Ashland is going to be loaded next year. You have to believe after an Elite Eight finish in ‘18-‘19 then a 33-0 season last year that a state championship is in the cards in ‘20-‘21.
  4. Having watched high school basketball in both states for many years, I honestly believe basketball is more important in Indiana than it is in Kentucky. (And I’m a Kentucky guy) I think there is a more organized effort by the powers to be in Indiana to make basketball the king. I think the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) promotes basketball much better than the KHSAA. There is no question, population plays a part but the entire problem can not to blamed on that. I don’t think Kentucky has adapted to the times as to where Indiana’s system has. Correct me if I’m wrong but Indiana runs girls tournaments first then the boys tournaments. That way girls get top billing that week while boys are still playing regular season games. The tournament are not scheduling over top of each other. In Kentucky the Districts and Regionals are the same week. Then they rotate the Sweet Sixteen? So either boys teams or girls teams have like 10 days off. That is not is the best interest of the sport. (that is just one example) The other thing I think is important is the Indiana coaches association. I think they are one of the best in the country! Again correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they run AAU programs for their top players. I believe all of Kentucky’s AAU programs are run independently! So all their top players are groomed in a system. Of course those are just my opinions and those reasons may only be true to me.
  5. Very good school district! I’m sure there will be some interest in this job!
  6. Forget it! I found out where Coach Turkey is going!! He moved back to Florida. I’m sure Madison Southern administration is disappointed to lose a quality coach like Turley after just one year. Next year could be their 3rd coach in 3 years. And my understanding is they have some talent within the ranks. Will Coach Summer come back to the sidelines? But regardless I’m sure they were not expecting to do another coaching search this quick.
  7. Where is Coach Turley going? I think he is a very good coach. High energy guy with a great resume. I’m surprised with this opening. Any info on Coach Turley?
  8. My point is .... “If this virus is that deadly and an issue of public safety why is it not an issue this week?” If it is a issue of public safety then why do the people that are gathering this weekend not matter?
  9. I find this to be a very interesting statement. With Title IX ruling most of the KHSAA decisions, I would be surprised if they limited fans to the boys tournament. The KHSAA allowed fans to attend the girls tournament this weekend at their own risk. I would think they would have the same policy for the boys tournament.
  10. Male is a very good team. But having played twice before I believe that benefits the underdog. This should be a great opening round game! I look forward to watching this game.
  11. No Question in my opinion, Ashland is the favorite in this game. I think last year’s success in the Sweet Sixteen is a huge advantage for Ashland. Ashland made it to the Elite Eight last year and picked up a D-I quality transfer during the off-season. This team is put together perfectly for a successful run at Rupp. My only concern would be foul trouble. Having watched them a couple times on tape they do foul a lot. Straight arm hand checks, jamming and holding cutters away from the ball, offensive rebounding, etc. Depending how the game is called those habits could get them in trouble. I’m looking forward to a great tournament next week.
  12. It has taken a couple years but I believe Tates Creek has turned the corner and become a very respectable program in Fayette County. Hopefully Bryan Station can rebound from some early season loses and win some games this year. They really struggled last year.
  13. After watching Greenup Co. give Raceland all it could handle, I’m taking Russell in this matchup. Eventually I think Raceland will be a good team but I think Russell is the better team right now.
  14. How are things going in Flatwoods? There has been a lot of turmoil at Russell in recent history. Will this hire be the answer to some of their problems. I believe they have some decent players returning. Will that result is more wins?
  15. Is Transy having a Team Camp this weekend (June 21-23)? If so are there local teams attending??
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