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  1. Thanks. I remember a lot of these kids in elementary/middle school/early high school but I didn’t remember him. Great asset to have.
  2. I stand corrected. I didn’t see much fire out of SK. WV was clearly the better team, at least on this night.
  3. Grant led by 8 with Miles in the game. WV took the lead by halftime with Miles out of the game. The 2nd half was tight the whole way. I’d say Grant did an excellent job on Miles. Congratulations to both WV and Grant for giving the fans an excellent game to watch.
  4. I agree completely. Grant will have to play much better defense consistently in this game if they want to advance. They've shown flashes but have yet to put it all together for an entire game.
  5. "Though they’ve beaten the Braves twice now by double figures – 16 and 17 points" These two teams have only played each other once this year. Grant led by 3 at the half. In the 3rd, Walton hit some big 3's and Grants shooting went south. This should be a fun rematch to watch come district time.
  6. If you’re a defensive minded basketball fan this was not the game for you. This game came down to who could shoot better and more often. SK won in both of those areas. Congratulations SK.
  7. Grant County wins their 12th game of the year against East Jessamine in the Henry County Invitational. Grant was lead by Dawalt with 19 pts. Alger with 13 pts. and Hurley with 13 pts. & 13 assists. Ingguls kicked in 9, Vickers with 8 and Epperson with 8 & 11 boards. Grant takes on Bishop Brossart in the championship game tonight at 8:30.
  8. First of all let me say that Grants coach is a very good coach but on this particular night, IMO, he was out coached. Not necessarily by the other coach but by the circumstance. Here's why: Grants players seemed to grow increasingly frustrated by the lopsided officiating. As a result, poor shot selection, forced passes into tight windows and other mistakes were made. It's in those moments that coaches usually do 1 of 2 things. 1) Give the officials an ear full to purposely draw a technical (to back up the players). 2) Call a timeout and approach the players with a sense of calm to settle them down and regroup. Grant has a very good team from coaches all the way down. But on this particular night, the circumstances dictated the outcome. This is HS basketball, and everyone learns from adversity. Grant will be fine.
  9. To their credit, CC shot 63% from the field, 44% from the arc. But the bigger story is that Carrol had one player attempt 21 free throws while Grants whole team attempted 20. This was a rough game for sure. Grant had all 5 starters and the 6th man with 2 fouls each in the first half. Grant better learn pretty quick that high school refs in the state of KY have been dreadful for many many years. This is nothing new. In the end, Grant was out hustled, outplayed, out coached and fouled out of this game. Congratulations to CC.
  10. This should be corrected. The final was actually 81-69 Beechwood. GC led 34-33 at the half. Tied at 51 after the third. Then the acting started.
  11. Agreed. That's why I said WV's defense is the bigger concern for those two teams.
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