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  1. CovCath doesn’t bring back as much as you think. I’d say pretty good odds Mayer will be in South Bend instead of Park Hills next January. Male will be tough for sure!
  2. I was there today and on my phone quite a bit ... that’s the downside or plusside (depending on how you look at it) of being able to have your work hard drive in the cloud. There’s no escaping work now, yet I didn’t have to use a vacation day!
  3. Par for the course for the rest of the year .. all year long the only player consistently willing to take a shot outside of the paint was Disken.
  4. I’m a junkie and fondly remember spending the entire tournament with my dad in Lex or Louisville. Nothing better then the years at Rupp and staying at the Hyatt. I’m not struggling financially, but far from rich. I’d love to take my 2 boys (not sure they could sit through 50% of the games) so I just can’t justify spending over $1000 on tickets, hotel and parking. Throw 4 days of food and drink on top of it and it gets really expensive. A few other points: 1. Very few kids these days have he attention span to sit through 15 games. They’d want to be on an electronic device for a decent portion of those games. 2. Parents of kids who have children who would pay attention are all ready spending tons of money on other sporting activities. AAU, select soccer, club volleyball, travel baseball etc. The fees and the travel for those eat up a large portion of a sports loving familly’s extracurricular budget.
  5. They'll be prepared for the playoffs. Could be 3-3, 2-4 or even 1-5 heading into district play, but they'll be ready for the playoffs!:jump:
  6. I misread your response and mistakenly saw Davin instead of Disken. Disken is very good. Davin contributes very little.
  7. What does Davin do that is incredible? Shoot air balls? Moser should be starting, but even then the 2 guard is still a weakness Scott Co will go after. Moser plays hard and tough defense, but whether you want to admit it or not, the position is still the unquestioned weakness of the team. If they don't get points out of the 2 guard, it's going to be really, really hard for them to have Fleek and Greene on the court at the same time against Scott Co.
  8. Moser nor Jackson start, not sure why that is! I cant figure that one out. However, one nice game vs Beechwood is hardly hitting their stride. Moser had a few other decent games but all in all, the 2 guard in Park Hills is definitely a weakness.
  9. Agreed on Disken. Really nice player, however his size can get him in trouble in trap situations. The others are shaky ball handlers at best. As for the bigs: Are they really that skilled? 2 of them don’t look at the basket unless they are 4 feet in. Thelen is skilled in transition but if he doesn’t catch it in transition or deep in the post to use his size, he has a tough time scoring. Mayer has skills to go with the bulk. They are all super athletic though!
  10. If that's the case, I think I may have to change my prediction and go with the Camels. Reid Jolly is a difference maker in the paint.
  11. On back to back days on Feb 1 and Feb 2, Scott Co beat Henry Clay and Walton Verona by a combined 45 points. That would've been without Moreno. That tells me more then the unexpected loss to Dunbar, and a district final loss in a rematch to Henry Clay. Don't know much about Scott Co. I have heard they are guard oriented other then Moreno. CovCath will try to pound the ball inside. If Scott Co can deny the post and make the CovCath guards beat them, it will be a long night for the Colonels. CovCaths guards are small and don't respond well to pressure. However if they beat the pressure it often turns into easy buckets/dunks for the bigs. I would think CovCath's bigs will have a hard time keeping the Scott Co guards in front of them on the defensive side. This should lead to lots of help, so Scott Co will have to kick it and make open shots.
  12. Opening Round 1 Walton Verona 1 John Hardin 1 Owensboro 1 Trinity 1 Scott Co 1 Butler 1 Madisonvill - North Hopkins 1 Mayfield 2 - John Hardin 2 - Trinity 2 - Scott Co 2 - Madisonville - North Hopkis 3 - John Hardin 3 - Scott Co Scott Co winner TB 129
  13. The tickets sold at the school should be on the ends of the arena. I do not believe those tickets have a specific seat assigned and are first come first serve, but I could be wrong on that. Most of the lower arena seats on the side are sold to people who buy the whole set and are there for the whole tournament. If you look on ticketmaster there are a few lower arena corners available. I assume the tickets at the school will be the cheapest, then followed by tickets at the box office, and tickets on Ticketmaster the most expensive.
  14. CCh with 28 points out of the 2 guard spot .. who would’ve guessed!
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