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  1. Those bus rides back to Brandenburg have a BIG W were some of the best times of my life!
  2. IMO Octaviaus and Resse are key components on teams that have beat the daylights out of some of the other players mentioned in this post. Maybe this award factors in who is still alive. I don’t know what Boyle has or North Hardin but IMO the scoreboard plays a role in these awards.
  3. My cousin Allen Thompson may have been the Qb for Murray that year. They played in the state final vs beechwood I believe. That game itself had a controversial finish.
  4. Looking at the bracket Boyle and JC would play in a state semi the night after thanksgiving in Danville. Am I reading that right?
  5. North showing it has speed. Let’s see if Boyle can buckle down.
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