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  1. B.W. welcome to Boone County. Go Rebels!!!!
  2. I dont hold much in the raiders poor record because of their hard schedule. With a cougar win, the statement is they shouldn't be overlooked, they've gotten better and can compete with fellow 6a schools.
  3. Cougars make a statement tomorrow night. Conner by 7.
  4. Boone got out coached. Embarrassing for the boys.
  5. Simon kenton afraid to kick the ball long. Scared football.
  6. I doubt that Boone will be THAT far ahead to start a running clock.
  7. I'm terribly upset that Boones coaching staff doesn't discipline the same player(s) for committing personal fouls every game. Could've cost the win tonight.
  8. It was definitely a hasty comment that I should've kept to myself. At the time I was upset about our offensive play calling and pass coverage scheme. Im probably over passionate about this year. imo this is the most talented group of kids in maybe the last ten years. It really is an extraordinary combination of upper classmen that have only won two games in their high school career and talented underclassmen that what to make the Rebels strong again.
  9. If you would give Boones coaching staff a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly and a loaf of bread. I don't believe they could make a sandwich!
  10. Let's not put too much emphasis on Boones past or their loss to Conner last week. This is the most talented Rebel team in many years. Different kids every season, same coaching staff, same results. Could the newest addition to the coaching staff be the savior?
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