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  1. Diocese of Covington will be back in school Wednesday. Thank God! This is the best news and the best case scenario for the success of our children and our families.
  2. I hear ya. Once my "benefit" (sick, vacation, personal) days have been used up while on covid-19 quarantine the expectation is unpaid leave. Screw that!!
  3. 2,500 in the last 10 days. That's a large figure. That's a figure that is beyond workers going about their normal day to day at home maskless. 2,500 in the last 10 days tells me there is one common denominator. Hospital work. Either these 2,500 workers and their patients aren't following protocols/procedures or masks don't work nearly as effectively as what we're being told. If they weren't wearing masks, I'd say based off some studies I've read in the past the number would have been in the 2,600 to 2,800 range without masks. That's a statistically insignificant number. Those 100 to 300 additional workers will get the virus in the next 5 to 10 days. Masks don't effectively stop viral spread. People are using masks as a reason why they can be out and about. Masks are providing that false sense of security. VOR & Duece, please don't take my discussion as a slight on you. I enjoy the dialog that you bring. Rant/Sidetrack - Does anyone see the schools being shut back down as an admission to the theory that masks aren't effective? What I've seen from my children's school is a strict adherence to mask wearing. Why shut them down? I want my children in class to learn in an environment that is conducive to learning. @Voice of Reason
  4. That's not a good statistic for the "masks work" argument. Masks clearly aren't stopping or slowing this thing down.
  5. I'll get it if it means I can go to the gym with my kids again.
  6. Those who will live in fear will search for it. Those who have moved on, have continued to move on relatively unaffected.
  7. to sign up for? I missed registration for an Ohio league and am wondering if there is any such league in Kentucky yet? Any information on youth basketball leagues (non- school affiliated) in KY, IN, or OH would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Labor Day! Go spend some time with the family and get some steaks on the grill. Whatever it is that you're doing, be safe, have fun, and relax with a cool beverage. Make it a great one guys and gals!!!
  9. That make sense to me now why you seemed frustrated. Given the current climate, I can understand the frustration. It also makes sense why police may not announce themselves with the suspicion that someone may run, choose to fight, or destroy evidence. And thanks again for explaining that to me.
  10. Would you care to enlighten me as to the details of a no knock warrant. You seem to have some knowledge in this area. Not trying to be difficult. Thanks.
  11. I think he's talking about no-knock warrants. And it was more directed at me. I read the Tatum report. The Tatum Report doesn't give absolute certainty that the police identified themselves before they began busting into Taylor's place. It does say that they were banging or attempting to bust down the door. I didn't read anything about the police announcing themselves though.
  12. Well, then as long as you have a human police force expect more of the same especially when that police force is put into situations where they have to make snap decisions. Compliance is a major issue right now! It's that, or we need to live in a world with zero consequences and lawlessness.
  13. There is not 100% clarity on either side of that issue. Until I'm provided with something that documents otherwise (police announcing themselves) then I will give the victim the benefit of the doubt.
  14. So your expectation is perfection. Humans are an imperfect creature.
  15. When was the last time you did everything right that involved your job? If you aren't looking back at situations that you have at your job and you're not going to be self critical then you are a disengaged employee. I've got projects that I look back on from when I started and I shake my head, thinking I could have done something differently or more efficiently. Thankfully my job doesn't involve policing anyone. When everyone starts to realize that when a human puts another human in a tough position to make quick, snap decisions, then maybe we can have some progress. The blame for the Breonna Taylor incident still goes both ways. It falls on Bre, herself, because she associated with criminals. Those criminals put her in a bad situation. The no-knock warrants created a snap decision from the criminal element on scene. No-knock warrants need to go! With every recent high profile police confrontation, I'm absolutely sure that the human element on both sides wish they would have made different decisions. There isn't a world that has no consequences. As soon as we (the citizenry) realize that compliance with authority will lead to de-escalation, expect more of the same.
  16. Just so no one is confused, Jacob Blake is still alive, likely paralyzed though.
  17. What's Driving Excess Deaths for 25 to 44 Year Olds? https://covidplanningtools.com/whats-driving-excess-deaths-for-25-to-44-year-olds/ "It appears that the excess death count during the COVID-19 outbreak in the 25-44 age bracket cannot be wholly attributed to the virus. Less than half can be accounted for by current COVID-19 numbers from the CDC (which may be lagging). It is unlikely that deaths in this age bracket are related to other common COVID-19 comorbidity conditions. It is likely that these are deaths related to suicide, despair, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence; collateral effects of various public policy mitigation measures. One can reasonably conclude that the lock-downs and stay at home orders may have had significant negative effects. This is a cursory analysis and will be refined as data becomes more complete." Let's end the shutdowns. Let's get back to school. Let's get back to normal lives.
  18. You know what they say about a bad day of fishing....😜
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