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  1. WOW! 6'4" 315 lb young men don't walk the halls of high schools very often. Good luck to the Rebels.
  2. Good point. I don't expect to see immediate improvement like so many bluebird faithful are predicting. I guess time will tell. Maybe I'm right and maybe I'm wrong?
  3. I'm not sure age is an issue here. I'm hopping it's not. He's been around his Dad's system for 25 years and played QB in the same system. From what I was told, he took control of the meeting the first time he stepped in front of the players this week.
  4. Any word on the Highlands freshman program? Are they working out with the varsity team or separately?
  5. I can't seriously make a prediction at this point. However, from what I hear from the players things are changing quickly. Coach Sphire's daily messages are loud and clear. One thing I will predict is, the HHS team that takes the field in August will be drastically different from what we've been seeing.
  6. I agree. I believe he plans on having his twin boys attend the FTIS in the future. Leaving wouldn't make much sense. It's also possible Nick has/could apply for a coaching position now that a new head coach has been hired.
  7. Can anyone confirm that there was a Frosh Football meeting for current 8th graders yesterday at Highlands?
  8. If you never heard Red Dog's speech about how to pack your gear for away games you really missed something special. "Pack your gear in your bag from your toes to head. That way you'll never forget a thing". As he spoke he demonstrated packing gear.
  9. I couldn't agree more with your comment regarding the parents. I hope the new Coach send a very clear and definitive message to the parents. The sooner the parents understand their roles the much faster their child will see success.
  10. I know your just the messenger. But what about the players that can't afford specialized training? If I was a parent this would not sit well with me. Especially when you have a facility on campus such as the field house.
  11. I have no clue if Kevin Siple applied or not. But, I agree with you about his success and love for the Birds. I'm not 100% sure, but I think he was on the Highlands staff a few years ago for a short time. He definitely bleeds blue!
  12. Hey ChiefSmoke do you know if he applied for the Highlands job?
  13. No guarantees, but I suspect if Dowling was a part of the committee he must be in good standing with the principal and AD. My guess he stays part of the football at some level be it varsity, JV or freshman.
  14. I've heard very similar comments about how Wolfe and Mueller feel about the program now. It's disappointing, but like you said, move on.
  15. If thats true about the freshman coaches then thats a shame. I watched several of their games over the past 4 years and they appeared to do a really good job.
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