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  1. To eventually burn my coronavirus masks.
  2. I don't like peppermint. It has a very overpowering taste. And alcohol at any time is not good. Because I have never had a drink of alcohol in my life and it just makes other people act stupid. On the other hand, I do love peanut butter fudge and buckeyes. Basically anything peanut butter.
  3. I hate everything about fish and fishing. I hate the smell of fish and I would definitely never eat a fish. Fishing itself is the epitome boredom. I know people that love fishing but I don't see it.
  4. I would eliminate all of them plus salt and pepper.
  5. Ice cold water or caffeine free Diet Coke.
  6. I do not like anything that has been mentioned here so I guess I don't have a favorite cookout side item. Maybe baked potato. I don't know.
  7. They better not test for steroids.
  8. Number 3. Cruises will be much cheaper now. I am not afraid of the virus even though I am in the danger zone (over 65).
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