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  1. As an Iowa fan, he will be missed. Best defender in the starting 5 and had a great understanding of their zone d. Made good decisions. Iowa fans are bent because he wasn’t 100% this year and this was their year to do something. Couldn’t we work a trade with one of your spare bigs?
  2. Put mine on at 7:30. 8:5 pounds, with some home made rub over hickory.
  3. For what it’s worth....my wife tried it on her arthritis at the suggestion of a friend. My wife, and both her parents now swear by it. I have no specifics on brand or dosage.
  4. Layla by Derek and the Dominoes - For whatever reason I didnt consider this as a debut, but this is a fantastic album. Top 5 all time in my book.
  5. This is the correct answer - Boston The Cars debut is also very solid, if it meets the criteria
  6. No not at all. I witnessed the Northwestern game in person, and the play calling was god awful.
  7. I have watched my beloved Hawks since Hayden Fry arrived in the 70's. This is the best they have played in nearly 40 years.
  8. Sometimes it's hard to fight those instincts. Don't let them hook ya!
  9. It is interesting watching a high school game on tv. My red challenge flag came out the last 2 plays, to no avail.
  10. I liked the 2nd half play calling, except for the last play. Too much size difference between the tackles.
  11. I like when my team takes on anyone, anywhere. Find out how good you are. Good luck Ryle.
  12. You can help a deficient o line by being more unpredictable with both formation and play calling. Good teams scheme around average or less o lines.
  13. Congrats Lex Cath. Highlands, keep grinding, play for each other.
  14. I like when teams play the best competition they can. There is no dishonor in losing to the best.
  15. Tough ending for the Raiders Parents, focus on the many achievements. Remind your boys that they are dudes that play football rather than football players. Their identity isnt totally wrapped up in the Friday night outcome. Players, the football thing ends before you know it. A moments sunlight fading in the grass. Get all the meat off of the bone. Then walk away and smile.
  16. The old barrier seems like an adequate deterrent.
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