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  1. I think you raise good points BadaBing. The bottom line for Murray this year has been 6 turnovers vs Crittenden and 6 turnovers vs Tilghman and still lost in relativly close games.What was the difference in the Cladwell game? 0 turnovers. Murray hasnt beat Mayfiled tradionally and neither has anyone else. I would just like to see Murray not turn the ball over and hurt themselves and see what happens. It is as even of a matchup as its gonna get this year. Mayfield reminds me of my West Canaan teams years ago! I have a ton of respect for their football culture! Hopefully we get a great 4 quarter football game that either team can win in the end.
  2. Should be one of the more even matchups in a long time. If Murray doesnt turn the ball over like it didnt last week there should be a chance for them to take this one. You also cant stall out offense very often against the cards. I agree with you purple88.
  3. Looked to be a half a yard to yard short! Excellent game! Reminded me of some of my old battles with bingville!
  4. Murray didn’t turn it over and ran it at will. They were crippled with turnovers the last 3 weeks similar to Tilghman. It means so much!
  5. 6 turnovers from Murray tonight. Actually had more yardage than Crittenden. Turnovers got hoptown beat tonight as well and mayfield beat as badly as they did by McCracken. Can’t win games that way. They are the great equalizer!
  6. Murray and Beechwood in 94 had probably the most controversial state title game.
  7. In my eyes Mayfield has no one else to blame but themselves, "no scapegoats"! 4th and 1 in the redzone with under a minute up 3. Then not coverting and allowing a team to go 86 yards in under 40 seconds. That was at best a 50/50 call that needed to get made. You don't want the game to end on a controversial call. It allowed both teams one more opportunity to make a play to win a championship. Somerset did and Mayfield didn't. BOTTOM LINE!
  8. Belfry 34 Bell Co. 15 Pikeville 21 Paintsville 7 Boyle Co. 35 JC 21 Cov Cath 31 FD 21 Mayfield 35 Somerset 31 Trinity 21 Male 17
  9. I've heard of several schools doing free admission nights. I believe Graves Co. did this.
  10. goodness gracious! not sure about this new format. Mayfield- 49 Edmonson- 0
  11. I think this game will be tighter than the first time around. Still don't see the tigers winning over there. Mayfield 35 Murray 17
  12. Christian County has to be one of the best 0-11 teams in state history. I can never remember a harder schedule on western ky football history. Absolute gauntlet!
  13. Would have said Murray until the injury train hit. Never sleep on Beechwood.
  14. I assume Catholic has a good offense. But anybody would against the 8 wins that that they have. The one good team on their schedule they put up 7. IMO they are an overrated team. But they will beat Apollo
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