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  1. I really don’t know much about Caldwell this year, it sounds like their defense is decent. Mayfield - 35 Caldwell - 6
  2. I have noticed numbers being down almost across the board it seems. Most teams I’ve seen have less than 40 it looks. I would like to do a study of what the majority of people think of school consolidations, especially after about 10 years. I’m sure they all needed new schools. I miss Lone Oak, Reidland and Heath.
  3. Union is pretty good. They can run it and throw it well.
  4. Maybe they truly are supposed to be a 5A school. If they are they are, and I get it. This all kind of reminds me of what happened to Warren Central when South Warren was created. It seems like Henry Clay and Lafayette have really taken hits. I just believe FD has become the Lexington magnet school. If that is the case then so be it.
  5. Im not saying this is the case, so I am not trying to stir anything up. To me it looks like they are supposed to 6a and used to be and they found out the first couple of years they still arent close to Louisville big 3. Then somehow they dropped to 5A to have a better chance. I just feel bad for the rest of the Lex public schools.
  6. Im just confused as to why every other public school in the city is 6A and FD is not. I noticed they used to be then dropped down for some reason. Has always seemed a little fishy to me.
  7. What is great about this game is that eventually Mayfield and Beechwood will have to settle in on the field. Whether that is in NKY or war memorial. RPI’s, rankings, schedules and the opinions of old men like us won’t matter. Just the play of some teenage kids. Not message boarders crunching numbers.
  8. I I understand that. I don't mean this rude but that doesnt mean that game has to be scheduled just because he was a former assistant .
  9. This just my opinion but calloway isn’t improving anything by taking a guaranteed running clock loss. Mayfield gains nothing from it unless they saw an easy win against a bigger school for rpi reasons. I’m not an expert, but I do know the landscape of football in this state pretty well. In my opinion there shouldn’t be a ton of rpi bumps just by beating a bigger school. The true quality of opponents should matter most. There are a lot of ver low quality teams in 4a-6a. That smaller schools could and should dominate
  10. Odd game for Mayfield here. I know champion is a mayfield guy but odd.
  11. Mayfield will play anybody tough. I just think beechwood and LCA are on another level. LCA is great across the board and Hergott is absolutely amazing.
  12. Would love to attend this game if I were closer to the area. There will be some expected offensive power displayed in this one. A fanstastic qb matchup will be a major draw for this game. But that is just one piece to the puzzle, and Senior High has the best pieces to their puzzle. I hope Daviess keeps it entertaing but OHS is just a more complete team. Owensboro - 42 Daviess- 28
  13. I thought MC would bounce back and keep it closer this week. They did even better than I thought. It sounds like BG has a lot to do to get right offensively. I hope both teams continue to improve and have good seasons.
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