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  1. I agree no one deserves a position, they earn that position with hard work and hustle. HSBballfan24 said the young men were committed to the school and working hard TOGETHER to create team chemistry. He did not describe their dedicated participation as "just showing up". I think he meant, how does the rest of the team feel about playing with a teammate who has not exhibited a desire to want to be their teammate? Until he was forced to do so. Good luck to them all for a successful season.
  2. Hence, my confusion as to his age and class. I watched him play for your Purples via Internet coverage in the Sweet Sixteen. Has he played any amateur foreign league ball? If there is such a league? What city is Harmon's Kentucky hometown?
  3. What does it mean when a young man intends to reclassify for recruitment purposes? I've never read that. How does it work? Does the student skip a class? What would be the reason for choosing to do this?
  4. A couple of reasons Beechwood is having school. Kentucky Association of Superintendents warned Thursday that it would not be advisable to use the pretext of taking another "SICK" day, only personal days should be used. Teachers may not have that many left. Beechwood is an excellent school, awards annually verify that, and parents want those teachers in their classrooms, NOT in Frankfort. No teacher wants it to look like an unlawful STRIKE, therefore the request that personal days be taken. Does anyone know the numbers for teachers employed vs administrative plus non teacher support staff jobs by county or the state of Kentucky? What do teachers want an increase in school spending to pay for in this budget? Books, buses, after school and weekend meals for children, more security? Is there something specific?
  5. Very educational because I did not realize how much or LITTLE was required to be a sub. How can someone, not educated for the teaching profession, be a sub if they have none of the required elements like psychology to deal with students? How much are subs paid per day, nothing firm, just a guess? And yes, my math skills are good enough to figure cubic inches in an engine for Papaw. How many college hours are required to sub? Just wondering since I know Kentucky requires a Master's Degree to remain in teaching. Definitely not asking for myself. I would not have the patience to deal with today's students. With the technology of today, I thought lesson plans or a syllabus were prepared ahead and available on the school computer site for teachers. Especially for AP classes. Like I said this thread has been very educational as to how schools are operating.
  6. While watching coverage of teacher's protest on Channel 27 Lexington, there were a number of school buses parked in the Capitol lot. Were they carrying students to also protest, since they were already out of school?
  7. True, substitute teachers are coming in cold, but aren't lesson plans for a number of classes posted ahead of time on the teacher's computer? Not the same site used by students for homework assignments.
  8. Your last paragraph is slightly alarming. Are substitute teachers THAT bad, to create so much catch up work for you when you return?
  9. Happy Birthday Getslow. Hope you've had a good one. :dancingpa
  10. I don't want anyone tarnished with a broad brush. Maybe your " Major Coaches" should be more vigilant of their players. Don't Coaches and Recruiters tell parents, when they offer scholarships, they will take care of their child (young adult)?
  11. "LEGACIES are being damaged"? IF this proves to be true, the LAST thing I worry about is Michigan State's legacy! :irked:
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