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  1. The other team had just scored . A time out was called . After the timeout is when the out of bounds play occurred . Refs after huddling determined it was illegal
  2. If a team is taking the ball out of bounds and another team player jumps behind the out of bounds line then the ball is passed to him then he throws it in... Isn't that legal??? Thanks
  3. After reading the CJ... I thought he had lots of offers... no just interest It's all hype
  4. Max Ryan finished with 28 points and 16 rebounds in the win
  5. Who comes up with this stuff ... you have players ranked into the top 10 that didn't even avg double figures last year. Numbers don't lie
  6. Nelson will be decent they have 3 starters coming back including their man scorer Max Ryan. Ryan one of the better shooters in the region. Nelson will push Bardstown for the district if they stay healthy.
  7. Hill kid has yet to play a full season and you guys have him ranked 1st. Got to be kiddin
  8. Just go back and look at the stats from last year of the 5th region and Compare them.you will find there are a few that don't belong . And some added No disrespect
  9. Oh brother... where do these polls come from. Some of those guys barely played varsity last year
  10. I'm not too sure... One of the players mentioned was held back so he's like a 16yr old freshmen
  11. No offense anyone but I observed this kid over the weekend. Not overly impressed in Louisville
  12. Tony Jackson by far is the best player in the Region. The kid at John Hardin then follows Farmer at Bardstown and Ryan at Nelson. And with that I saw Ryan hit 9 threes against Bullitt East in a controlled scrimmage this summer
  13. Terrible especially if you get the wrong ones
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