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  1. Here is a great one from his college playing days! According to him he completed this pass.
  2. I think that principal is tied for most by any BC staffer at 7 rings. He wants for nothing more than to see BE football to be successful. I am certain he will find the right guy! Tough class for sure but like you said why not them!
  3. Oh I know you do and I hope you don’t think I was saying anything against you personally. I know you bleed black and gold 100%
  4. I can say that with 100% certainty that there are no football coaches at Boyle County telling any players not to play another sport. If anything they tell them all the time to play other sports because multi-sport athletes are the great. I actually heard a football coach tell a player to use other sport highlights in their Hudl so that college coaches can see that they are multi-sport athletes. BC football is built on kids that play more than one sport and no coaching staff in that building support kids playing other sports more than our football staff.
  5. I can say 100% that this is not the case at Boyle. I was in that coaches office when one of the players listed above said that they were not going to play basketball. All of the coaches in that office expressed to this player that focusing on one sport was not a great idea and that this player should continue to play basketball. However, it appears that this student decided against that advice and is not playing. In the BC coaches office it is often discussed that multi-sport athletes are needed so I again can confirm that the football staff wants their players to play all sports.
  6. I was kinda hoping this would last me until Christmas!
  7. I dont disagree with anything you said. I was just simply saying to me it makes no sense to say you have information if you are not willing to share. In my opinion it would be better to just not say anything at all. You see I respect your opinion on how it should work and that also means I am allowed to have my own. See how that works?
  8. If someone ask you not to share information then you shouldn’t even share that you have the information. That’s just brings more issues that aren’t needed in a discussion. Besides the whole point of a forum is discussion and conversation. Then why say hey I have info but I’m not willing to talk about it. Makes no sense.
  9. Why even say that you know something if you aren't going to share? To me that screams that you don't know anything. I will give you what I do know 100% and that is Tyler Ray is for sure out. Can't speak on the other two that someone said were out but I know about Tyler for sure.
  10. admin dont coach at BC and he has been a admin for a few years now. The thing is still that I agree with everything you are saying other than Bill Mason as admin do not coach in Boyle. However they were all established coaches without their kids being on the team. Right now the discussion is about hiring a parent who wasn't a coach on the team. While I agree with your assessment of letting the man coach you are not comparing apples to apples. Also 6th grade kids play little league in Boyle also.
  11. Mason is an administrator and not coaching anymore. McPhersons son is in middle school and not on the HS team and Bottom son is a little league player. There was only one coach in the HS staff this past season that had a son on the team and he coached JV while the son played varsity. I do agree with you that if the man can coach who cares if he has a kid on the team. Bottom at the middle school has 3 parents that help him and they do a find job coaching. Didn’t realize someone already said this if a mod wants to delete it. Also I get what you are saying and I agree. However th
  12. This seems more like a coaching legacy than a program dynasty. If it is program dynasty then shouldn't it include all that the program has accomplished as a dynasty vs just what one coach has done? I am a homer but Boyle does have 10 titles in that span. Also if it is a coaching Dynasty then Chuck Smith should be in the spans class system because he came back to Boyle and won again in 2017 so his whole time should be noted. Again I am a homer so I am biased but still it is unclear to me if you are talking about a team or their coach?
  13. I know I made a joke earlier at the expense of my friend coach Ray but I will say this in 100% seriousness and that is that I do not believe any coach from the current BC staff will be going anywhere. Thats not to say that Kyle shouldn't be considered as he is a great coach and should be on that list. I just don't think he would consider it.
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