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  1. And how do you know this? HAve you ever seen an ineligible man down field penalty called on a 75 yard pass on essentially the last play of a game? Not to mention on the prior play from scrimmage they over ruled a holding call to give the other team the go ahead score?
  2. Some people are never satisfied???? ANY neutral party who watched that game will tell you Tilghman got hosed by the refs. I guess you don't mind winning that way. Me? I would rather let the boys decide the outcome rather than some chubby old men. Men who pick up and wave off a flag on one play and surreptitiously drop it on the next. Men who give a TD to one team and take a TD away from the other team all in the last 2 minutes of the game. Men who got into reffing not for the love of the sport but so they could influence the outcome of games and in order to exert power and control which they lack in their real lives. I have seen PT and Graves play many times over the past several years and I can honestly say that the reffing in a Graves game is by far worse (in favor of graves) than in any other game we play, consistently, year after year. So yes, I guess you can consider me "never satisfied"
  3. OK as close as I remember it, PT came back in the 4th quarter to take a 6 point lead late. They had trailed by as much as 18 earlier I think. About 2 mins to go in the game Graves has 2nd or third down on the Tilghman 2 yard line and they run it in for an apparent td but flag is down and it is holding against Graves. Refs confer, and then pick the flag up and wave off the penalty, giving Graves the td and a 1 point lead after the extra point. Graves kicks off PT gets the ball on their own 25. Like a minute to go. PT throws a 75 yard td to go ahead. Place goes wild. Then there is a flag near the far sideline other side of the field from the play. Call I think was ineligible man downfield and they call the td back. So in the final 2 mins the refs over rule one penalty to give Graves a td and then they throw a highly suspicious flag to take a score away from Tilghman. Really sad to see Tilghman fight back so hard to get back into this game and then to lose it like this
  4. Any team that is on it's third coach since the end of the 2013 season belongs on this list, especially since the last two coaches before Barber left under less than amicable circumstances. That being said, I do agree that things are looking up for Tilghman and this program could be on the verge of returning to its former greatness. With the crop of really good younger players coming up there is so much potential--- if only the coaching can finally rise to the same level of talent.
  5. LOL......Graves will have the best team since all the way back to 2014? Were they still wearing leather helmets way back then? Seriously what you meant to say was 2016 Graves will be better than last year but not as good as 2014, no?
  6. Yes and no. Size does help but technique is more important. Just ask Mayfield. I believe coach Barber will be able to teach fundamentals and technique and get the most out of what he has. This has been lacking for several years at PT That being said, part of the reason Tilghman has been so small is because the team did so much conditioning during the Wyatt Era that he ran most of the bigger kids off. Hopefully Barber will have a more balanced approach to conditioning and keep the beefy lineman types around.
  7. Lol his profile has already been updated on Wikipedia. That was fast.
  8. Etown was very impressive and played lights out. Well deserved win. Next week's game should be a barn burner.
  9. Stick a fork in it. Etown 35 pt 14. Can't stop their passing game Congrats e town. Next week should be a great game
  10. Etown 20. Pt 7 at half. Pt got a lucky score late
  11. If PT played Etown's schedule then they would be 11-0 too. I think this will be a good close game. PT should be able to score on Etown. It will come down to how well Tilghman's defense plays, if they can get some stops and if they keep the ball in the offense's hands then PT will win. PT 33 E town 24
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