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  1. 7-3 regular season and a loss to bowling green in the playoffs. Breakthrough season for the colonels.
  2. Interesting list. No way Jefferson should be on there and didn't traylor move to florida 2 years ago??
  3. From one team to another, problems, problems, and more problems.
  4. Heard from a pretty reliable source he is off the team/not playing this year.
  5. 1. Cambell County 2. Highlands 3. Ryle 4.SK
  6. 1-Murray 1-Trinity 1-Dunbar 1-Bowling green 1-lawrence Co 1-Taylor Co 1-South Laurel 1-South oldam 2-Trinity 2-Dunbar 2-Taylor County 2-South Laurel 3-Dunbar 3-South Laurel 5-Dunbar TB-107
  7. Depends on matchups. They could potentially win a couple games.
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