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  1. I believe round one will be. Harrison County at Holmes Rowan County at Scott
  2. Great game from Holmes. Big plays, big plays, big plays. 97 yard passing td, 64(?) Yard rushing td. Two pick 6's. Athletes all over the place, I'm shocked this team doesn't have a better record. Hats off to the bulldogs.
  3. Scott anywhere near that top ten? Back to back games without allowing a td for the defence (1 pick six being the only score). I know they had an awful second half against Highlands.
  4. The guy is a playmaker, I think he blocked a punt too.
  5. Nice win for the Eagles. Two weeks in a row without allowing an offensive TD.
  6. I'll take Scott by forty if Quincy Perrin plays more that a few offensive drives like the last two weeks. Without #20 playing much I'll still take Scott 40-20. This game was 43-0 at the end of the first quarter last year.
  7. He did not return after the first offensive series.
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