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  1. Lots of mention to what happened at the end of the season.....what facts do we have about that situation? Not sure what went down..........
  2. I thought the girls coach at Rowan County was Matt Stokes?
  3. The fact that Butry is already in house and his son will be/is going to be a huge part of their success, I think he gets the job.
  4. I was only surprised with the low score in this one but not the result. Woodford has had a lot of success in years past vs. 8th region teams, do not be surprised if Woodford pulls off the win Friday night.
  5. 1. Good to know, I would have felt like a fool showing up on Friday! 2. It would be a better crowd if it were on Friday, still going to be fun.
  6. Could care less who wins this one, but the atmosphere alone will be worth the price of admission. Friday night, Kentucky tournament time, district championship, GRC vs. Montgomery, that gym will be full and rocking so do not be surprised if people are turned away at the door.
  7. I feel like several of these upsets were regional favorites, let along district favorites. Ohio Co, Murray, Bourbon, Henry Clay.......got to love Kentucky Tournament Time!
  8. In the 11th region add: Douglass over Henry Clay Frankfort over Great Crossing ...I think in both cases it was the 4 seed knocking off the #1 seed. In the 10th: Montgomery over Bourbon
  9. Any coach should be encouraged to go to any game at any level as often as they can, however, that is where it should end. I do not like the idea of coaches talking to other players and parents from schools not in their feeder system, not even if it is parent initiated.......
  10. Woodford has struggled with Penn out of the game whether it is from injury, illness, or fouls, it has been tough for Woodford to score and get stops. However, when healthy and on the floor, I think they are a legitimate top contender in the 8th. SK peaking at the right time, yet another dangerous team to contend with. The 8th region tournament will be so exciting this year!!!!!!!!
  11. It was. It was originally in KHSAA as Lloyd winning but I recently rechecked as it was corrected. If a mod can fix this or simple delete the thread....
  12. Per KHSAA website.....provided this is not a typo, anyone know what happened???
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