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  1. My mistake, I wasn't aware of that. I am not implying it because I think someone else deserved it more than he did. I am implying it because of the timing of it all.
  2. Again, I'm not saying that he didn't deserve the award regardless, but do you truly believe that a commitment to one of the in-state schools does not help your chances for the award? I mean it's not voted on by people who live in a vacuum and just watch the tape all day, it's voted on by reporters from this state. I don't see how this theory is so far-fetched.
  3. I certainly believe it to be a possibility. Not saying that's the reason he won the award.
  4. Anybody else got the vibe that he might have committed to Kentucky to win Mr. Football, and then flipped to the school he wanted to go to all along?
  5. How much does Franklin-Simpson return next year? That was a sloppy title game on both sides, but they were a BIG team and could prove to be troublesome for anyone in 4A even with the additions from 3A. I think CAL would have beat anyone in the bottom four classes this year, and I expect them, with who they have returning, to be even better next year. I think 3A is CAL's to lose at this point, but maybe the loss of Wright will have a bigger impact than expected.
  6. Brendt Babin is a very nice young back. He's just a sophomore, correct? I, for one, will be happy to see him shipped off to 3A next year.
  7. Terrible black eye on a great season for 3A. Read on WKYT that a Central player was on the Corbin sideline taunting Corbin fans and one Corbin player that refused to shake hands. Punches were thrown between the two players, then that's where the WKYT video picks it up. Hopefully no one was hurt in the chaos.
  8. I saw that. Just didn't know what happened to get it to that point. Shame it happened but at least the coaches got it under control quickly.
  9. Congrats to Central. Another great game. So did everyone's feed go out before that FG?
  10. Due to a lack of necessity or a lack of ability? Disregard, delay got me.
  11. Glad I sprung the $10 for this one. Hopefully the rest that follow are this good.
  12. I haven't seen Pikeville before this game so I'll say what I'm sure the Panther faithful have been saying all year. Roberts is fun to watch.
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