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  1. That was the sign from Regionals last week Lafayette vs Scott Co. We all know how that turned out.....never been a fan of trash talk. Never know when you'll eat crow.
  2. Yes it will be a great night of football! Just in case you didn't know, what you did last year doesn't mean a thing everyone starts the season 0-0. According to the powers that be Walker is ranked the #2 player in the state for C/O 2017, behind his teammate Wills. So yes, he is a better QB according to those that know better then I.
  3. Lafayette couldn't get their offense going with Trinity. That's not this Lafayette team. They played trinity desperate and scared. They will be ready for SK.
  4. 3 kids 3 kid play both ways....someone getting scared.
  5. No and No...QB got hurt 3 quarter and came back in the game later. Lafayette won that game period no fluke no excuses. They are a better team then what they showed at trinity.
  6. All Season long everyone talked about how overrated Lafayette is. How they are not a top 10 team, and yet they are going to semi finals. This team has heart, find ways to win, and is on a mission. I'm going with the team with the best QB...Walker Wood!! Go Yette!
  7. Almost but not quite...Lafayette pulls off the upset!
  8. Well good thing this isn't last year, and Lafayette's not that team. Worse thing SK could do think they have this in the bag.
  9. Go Generals!!!! Very few believed, but I knew you had it in you!!
  10. They started going both ways half way through the season. Shaw doesn't like playing players both ways in 6A but the the Defense needed it.
  11. It was 70-14...not that it makes a difference. All the D-1 talent is on the offense, not Defense. At this point they are 1 of 8 teams left so to continue to talk about "how bad they are" is kinda unjustified. They have had a 10-2 season this far and are going to regional. Good Luck to both teams!
  12. Remember the name Tyler Moore, freshman at Lafayette. O-Lineman that has great technique and moves well for such a young player. The kid is like 6'1 or 6'2 250 as a freshman.
  13. Does anyone know if Station's QB was still out?
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