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  1. I believe PC beat both 40th teams the last time they played.
  2. Allen puts 50 up in this game easy! Cats win by 10 IMHO of course. I believe Allen took it to CC last year on their home court and got the win .
  3. Teams won't go far when they live by the 3 pointer. Agree on Allen driving and kicking out for good looks but PC has to learn how to get to the free throw line by cutting to the basket with Allen as well. The program is heading in the right direction and has improved overall.
  4. Looked like PC used Allen as a decoy for most of the game. Good team win tonight. Good luck to both teams moving forward!
  5. Just an off night from deep but Allen will light it up when in the flow of the game . Last night he was just looking for his teammates . Good luck to both teams moving forward .
  6. Well only one way to find out . Allen is long and stonger then he looks. The one time he got the ball on the post he scored.
  7. PC came in with a game plan and never made adjustments when it wasn't working. Allen goes for 35-40 if he works the post in THIS game. First look at Ryle and its program and I was impressed. Good luck to both teams moving forward!
  8. This kid is the real deal! NKU would be a great fit IMO. I hope nothing but the best for the kid.
  9. No particular order 1-Allen 2-Ohmer 3-Crawford 4-Blackburn 5-Jones 6-Wells 7-Grarrison 8-Heygi 9-Dunaway 10-Gilkey * Spencer Free could break in top 10 I do feel like I'm over looking someone tho!
  10. I wanna know what your problem is with TEAM Allen? Not to smart to take shots at a mans family.

    Back off is all I wanna say!

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