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  1. Why was this thread closed? I'm sure some would like to know how the game went.
  2. It was a physical game in which I believe NCC won that battle. St. Henry was getting frustrated. NCC for the most part controlled the game. St. Henry played hard and had a few chances to tie the game. Both of these teams will get better as the season goes on and will be in the mix in the 9th region.
  3. I was told they said "Pick her up and get her off the field" that wasn't meant for the coach. I have heard parents yell at coaches and ref's but that still doesn't make it right. I guess being up 3-0 wasn't enough.
  4. Well a couple HHS parents said it was directed at the player as well and it was heard by an NCC person who has no kid on the team that it was directed at the player. I didn't witness it but just talk to several that were right there. Regardless you should yell down at the coach either, very sad but I'm sure nothing will be said because they hide a lot in that town.
  5. Will Kelly be playing in this game I know he got hurt last week?
  6. My understanding was it wasn't a misunderstanding. A couple HHS parents were saying get the girl off the field as she was on the ground hurt and an NCC parent confronted them to which they denied. Their were several people who witnessed it and even a couple HHS parents were embarrassed that things like that were said from their side. Pretty sad and I should be addressed by administration.
  7. If he lived in Northern Kentucky he would be eligible LOL. State of Kentucky doesn't take this serious because they will not do their due diligence to make a fair ruling that's 95% of transfers get ruled eligible.
  8. I heard he isn't coaching an NCC because he was getting married and need a break. Stoll is still teaching at NCC. I had no idea he coached AAU this year are you sure he did?
  9. The girls you speak of that have played for the Royals at some point how long did they play for them. It sounds to me your doing the same thing and saying its the organization they have played for. You seem to be giving the Royals a lot of credit and know their record which by the way records in AAU mean nothing.
  10. Not taking anything away from the girls who are mentioned but there are some that are missing but then again they didn't attend his camp.
  11. I know St Henry lost a lot of seniors last year that played, what do they have coming back besides their goalie?
  12. Is George Stoll from NewCath being considered I wonder?
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