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  1. Effort was there for Morgan but they came up a little short against a very good Ashland team. Ashland has enough size to cause a lot of problems for teams to score such as Villers taking Morgan's leading scorer completing out of the scoring column. Good luck to the Tomcats the rest of the season.
  2. I am hoping Morgan but that is a tough draw for them. Looking at some of Ashland's scores though gives me hope Morgan county can pull the upset. Ashland beating East Carter by only 1. Losing to a 13-14 Russell team at home, and losing to a Mason county team that is nowhere near their standards. Its usually about matchups though so you can't really base on common opponents and things like that. Ashland has played a much tougher schedule than Morgan though and that usually helps teams come tournament time. Win or lose still been a good year for Morgan.
  3. It is a tough draw. I'd say Morgan causes some matchup problems too for Ashland or any other team in the region with their athleticism. If Blake Evans for Morgan county is on then Morgan has a good shot to beat Ashland. Ashland has played a good schedule that has them ready to make a run at it. This game could go either way. It will take a big effort, but I'll take my Cougars to win 61-59.
  4. Morgan may have 20 wins on the season but they have shown inconsistency on the road. This is an example of why other than Ashland and Boyd the other teams are pretty close to even 3-10
  5. Morgan county was led by Evans with 16, Josh Adkins 15, Prater 13, Helton 10, Garrett Adkins 7, Bush 2, and Gilliam 1. For Elliott county Whitley and Evans had 15, Weaver 4, Dickerson 3, and Fannin 2. Morgan had 6 turnovers while Elliott had 8. Morgan led by as much as 27. Big win for the Cougars.
  6. Morgan's leading scorer Blake Evans did not play well. He finished with 7 points. Morgan got in foul trouble and was down by 14 at the end of 1st quarter. Raceland played well. Raceland is much better than a lot think.
  7. He took a bad fall in a game about 3 weeks ago. He has missed about the last 7 games.
  8. Their 6th man Cam Bush should be coming back soon from injury. Cougars playing well right now.
  9. Final from West Liberty. Morgan led by as much as 21 in the 4th quarter. Josh Adkins scored 25, Garrett Adkins 13, Michael Prater 12, Blake Evans 11 and Jake Helton 10 for Morgan. Morgan improves to 14-2 on the season.
  10. Jordan Perry 2016 Morgan County scored 3,331 points. I believe that puts him at 8th on the scoring list.
  11. No that would be a fair statement. The winner of that game wins it.
  12. I definitely think Ashland is the team to beat. Not saying others cannot challenge them. Morgan has beaten one team with a winning record, that is Bath county at 7-6. So Morgan's 13-2 record isn't as good as it looks on paper. Elliott county and Boyd's schedule have been better than all of the other teams I think. Regardless I feel like the 16th region is way down from top to bottom. More so than usual. I would not be surprised for it to come down to Ashland and Boyd in the regional finals.
  13. Final from Pineville. Morgan goes 3-0 in the Pine Mountain Classic, beating Williamsburg, Pineville, and Garrard county. Morgan goes to 12-2 on the year.
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