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  1. Totally agree so when a mistake is made successful people learn from them and grow stronger. I know Nate more so than garry but I personally think he's great guy. Good luck to Douglas
  2. Garry has a track record for sure but nathan Mcpeek is a solid man and coach. He made a mistake but don't mix him in with his relation. Any school would be lucky to have Nate. I hate that people like yourself keep the pot stirred, it's now 2017 move on to better things the mcpeeks have.
  3. Not sure if true but heard Nate mcpeek and Brent terry turned them down.
  4. Nathan mcpeek? Chad Tackett? I would at minimum make calls to gage interest.
  5. Raceland is a typical eastern Kentucky team they play hard but have zero speed. Unsure if they have one college football on their team and football overall in our area is bad all the way around. Population decline And lack of jobs has hampered development of the athletics over the years. IMO coaching is below par in our area but what good coaches would want these gigs? Painstville has way more speed than Raceland but Raceland plays hard should be a good one.
  6. Played terrible schedule and very slow football team in my opinion.
  7. Russell with Ivan McGlone: 1. Garry McPeek 2. TJ Maynard 3. Nathan McPeek I'm sure some others I'm forgetting in the Russell tree.
  8. Mcpeek was offered the job from what I heard but they didn't have job for his wife anywhere in the district associated with Shelby Valley so didn't work out. I heard Hampton got the job as well so good luck to Shelby Valley.
  9. Well said coach and good luck to you. So many coaches on this site (state) don't have a clue about anything. I get hammered all the time for supporting a guy (Nathan McPeek) I'm friends with and so many of his so called friends get online and don't support him. It's sad that people enjoy/love to bash others when bad things happen. When you think about life in general not many people are truly your friends and truly care about you. 90 percent of people are happy you have problems and don't ever want to help you fix them. The coaching profession is a tough job and I for one will always support coaches thru the good but most importantly thru the bad times. Good luck to you coach!!
  10. ok I didn't know that he did the last part of the season my apologies.
  11. Mullins called the defense so not sure why you guys saying otherwise. He's one of the few coaches left in the country that called offense and defense. Yet again an example of how little Greenup thinks of football. You need a staff in football to compete. Daniel Armstrong to my knowledge was one of the first people the administration even hired for football to help Mullins other guys were teachers present there already or paraprofessional.
  12. Not many schools in this area can throw it because no athletes are here. Russell runs the ball out of spread they don't resemble the franklin system. It cracks me up to see people on these sites think the Franklin system is gold. It's an offense just like power I, wing t, wishbone, it doesn't matter what you run if you have the players. Good luck to coach grizzle but still can't believe Greenup didn't get an experienced coach.
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