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  1. IMO, districts should not be allowed to have a draw. They should all seed. More than likely, the 39th District would not have sent Augusta (1-12) to the 10th Region Tournament. Instead, Bracken County (12-18) and Mason County (15-10) would have more than likely been their representatives in the 10th Region Tournament. The other team in the 39th District is St. Patrick (2-11) who lost to Augusta by a score of 9-6 in the 39th District Tournament.
  2. Yes, Aaron Wagner pitched the final few innings for the Camels.
  3. Wednesday, June 1st 5:30PM Scott vs. Harrison County 8:00PM Campbell County vs. GRC Thursday, June 2nd 6PM 10th Region Championship
  4. I am protecting the kids that you are bashing on this site. Your actions are uncalled for and will be reported.
  5. 1400AM out of Cynthiana is carrying each game. Try 106.9 out of Mount Sterling or 107.7 out of Winchester for the GRC game.
  6. There is enough talent in the school system for GRC to be .500 or better each and every season while playing at a high level in 6A. Talent level is not an all or nothing proposition. Talent can be developed from different maturity and athletic levels. To undermine the talent level of these GRC players is atrocious and damaging on your part. I would ask you not to comment on GRC Football threads anymore, no matter how you sugarcoat your apologies.
  7. The GRC football players who work hard all year round deserve better than you trouncing them on BGP. It is hard enough to endure that they went 0-11 in 2015 - they don't need an individual such as yourself pouring salt on their wounds. Once again, there is talent in the school system for the Cardinals to compete at a high level in 6A!!!
  8. They have bleachers, but the field sits in a valley. There is a hill that many people sit on behind home plate to watch the games. There is room along the fence line for chairs, as well. Also, they allow people to sit by their cars in the outfield to watch the games. When they held the districts there 2 years ago, they did have a person at that gate to charge admission. It is a rolling outfield and slightly elevates towards the fence.
  9. Here you go. Bourbon County HS and Athletic Complex Suggestion - park out front. Do not park in the parking lot along the 1st base line.
  10. There is talent in the school system to compete at a high level of 6A.
  11. The new athletic facilities will be completed within the next 2 to 3 years. There is talent in the school system.
  12. I heard that Jadan Farris is transferring to Henry Clay. Is that true?
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